Average Weight Of Roof Shingles ( With Examples )

A bundle of shingles is heavy. If you’ve ever done roofing work, you’ll know what I mean. A bundle of shingles can weigh 50 to 80 pounds.

If you noticed small-sized rectangular objects in any roofing works, those are shingles. Shingles, together with other materials, make up the buildings’ roofs. Roof shingles come in many different forms. However, there are three of the most common roof shingle types.

The first ones are the ones without any cutouts or tabs. The sizes of these shingles tend to be much larger compared to other shingle types. Second, there are the 3-tab shingles with around two cutouts, which make them appear like slates. The third one is architectural or laminate shingles that are common in house roofs.

How Much Does A Pallet Of Roof Shingles Weigh?

The roof shingles often come in pallet packaging. Each pallet can hold up to as many as 42 bundles of shingles.

That means a full pallet of shingles weighs about 2,110 to 3,350 pounds (952 to 1,519 kg) because a bundle of shingles weighs between 50 and 80 pounds (22 to 36 kg).

Weight of Popular Shingles per Bundle

Brand ModelWeight ( Pounds)
GAFTimberline HD Weathered Wood Architectural70
GAFRoyal Sovereign Golden Cedar62
GAFTimbertex Charcoal Hip and Ridge59
Owens CorningOakridge Driftwood Laminated Architectural65
Owens CorningTruDefinition Duration Driftwood Laminated72
Owens CorningClassic 3-Tab65
AtlasCastlebrook Architectural Shingles75

The Average Weights Based On The Shingles’ Types

The individual bundles are the things that measure up to the shingles’ weights. Then, you look to each of the three shingle types to determine which types are the heaviest.

Roof shingles that don’t have any cutouts are not only the largest-sized. They are also the heaviest, weighing around 200-350 pounds (90.72-158.76 kg) per bundle. 

Some of them even have more than 700-pounds (317.52 kg) weight. Thus, shingles without cutouts are much heavier than the other two shingles. 

The most common architectural shingles tend to have an approximate weight range of 65-80 pounds (29.48-36.29 kg). The heaviest architectural shingles weigh 180 pounds (81.65 kg). 

Even so, they are lighter than those without cutouts or tabs. On the other hand, you can expect 3-tab roof shingles to be 135-180 pounds (61.23-81.65 kg) heavy for each bundle. 

The Roof Shingles’ Pallet Weights Related To Their Dimensions

You need at least four bundles of architectural, laminated, or 3-tab shingles in your roofing projects. This requirement’s aim is so that you can cover at least one square of your roofs. However, you only need three bundles of the largest and heaviest roof shingles.

A full square of a roof shingle cover up to 100 square feet. At the same time, each bundle measures up to 33 square feet. The usages of the largest and heaviest shingles are the exceptions because of their sizes, dimensions, and weights.

To make one roof, you require a minimum of 15-20 roof squares or 1,500-2,000 square feet. That means you’ll need around 1.5 pallets of shingles.

That makes the lightest weights of your shingles’ pallets are 97.5-270 pounds (44.23-122.47 kg). Those are when you use architectural shingles. If you use the 3-tab shingles, the pallets’ weight ranges become 202.5-270 pounds (91.85-122.47 kg). 

Other factors are impacting the pallets’ weights apart from the dimensions and the shingles’ types. Materials, such as asphalt, slates, and woods, matter a lot. The former is heavier than the latter, especially when the shingles don’t have cutouts or tabs.

Those are all about how heavy roof shingles can be for each pallet. Now that you know how heavy are they, you should be more ready for your roofing jobs.