8 Common Items that Weigh 50 Grams (I Weighed it Myself)

Each object must have a large or small weight. There are small items that weigh about 40-50 grams. I am trying to weigh several objects weighing about 50 grams, and here is the complete result.

There are so many things that are very small and very light, you can see small things that only have 50 grams of weight.

Here is a list of common items that weigh 50 Grams:

Logitech Mouse

In the sales package, we will get 1 warranty book, 1 user manual, 1 AA-size battery, 1 receiver, and 1 Logitech Wireless Mouse B175. The mouse as a whole is made of plastic material. With a length of 9.9 cm, 3.9 cm wide, and 50 grams weight.

Logitech Mouse Weight About 50 Grams

The Logitech Wireless Mouse B175 feels just right for my small hand. This mouse also feels light and easy to carry as it weighs only, as mentioned above(without battery).

With a matte paint finish on top and bottom. At the top, there are standard left and right-click buttons. The scroll wheel position is in the middle; it can also be pressed like a standard mouse.

Below it is the Logitech logo, which looks like it is only a decoration and doesn’t light up. The bottom can be opened. There is a slot to put the battery and receiver. There is an off button at the top, and not far from the button, there is a sensor.

Besides, 3 pads function to hold the mouse so that it is not too slippery when used. Turning to the side, there is a glossy layer on the side of the mouse. On the left and right sides, rubber pads add grip when gripping.

Airpods and Similar Bluetooth Earphones

The bud unit battery has been increased to 43 mAh, allowing you to listen to music for 4 hours non-stop. The charging case that complements the Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 can charge the buds for up to 12 hours. This product is also quite light, about 50 grams. You can use only one part of the buds (single mode) or both at once.

Airpods Weight 50 grams

One example of a product that Xiaomi relies on is Bluetooth 5.0 wireless network technology in this Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2.

Xiaomi claims that the device can provide data transmission speeds that are twice as fast as before. But, these earbuds and two cellphones simultaneously cannot be connected.

2 Medium-Size Candles

Medium-Size Candles Weight

Candles are handy as a means of lighting, especially when people often use the lights to pray. This candle has many kinds: big, small, and medium.

Besides, candles are now made of various colors and unique shapes. If you weigh 2 medium candles, it will weigh about 50 grams.

Table Spoons

Table Spoons Weight

If you eat using a spoon, you mean holding the spoon. Have you ever weighed your spoon’s weight? The spoon also varies in weight according to the material it is made of and also its size.

The spoon you usually use has lightweight. After weighing correctly, 2pcs tablespoon weighs about 50 grams.

2 AA Alkaline Battery

Disposable batteries are still the most practical power source, even though many electronic devices have replaced their power storage modules with rechargeable technology. It is practical, cheap, and easy to find anywhere, making dry cell batteries still sought after. The 1 pcs Alkaline AA battery weighs 25 grams, so 2 batteries weigh 50 grams.

AA Alkaline Battery Weigh

Even though there is a universal code for the type of battery based on the power it produces, come on, consider the following types of batteries.

Although there are many sizes of disposable batteries for various electronic devices, at least five types of batteries are most commonly used.

Battery size, red AA batteries are a reference because they are most commonly used in electronic devices. Here is A Baterry :

  • AAA: AAA battery or A3 battery has a thin tube shape. Usually, this battery is used for remote TV or AC.
  • AA: AA batteries or A2 batteries larger than AAA size. From the list of battery types on the market, you could say that this battery is the most popular used for various electronic devices, from toys to wall clocks to flashlights.

Women’s Watches With Leather Straps

The women’s watch made of leather also weighs 50 grams. Indeed, each watch has a different weight depending on the material used. Also, size and shape affect weight.

Slices of Bread

Everyone likes this one food. Yes, everyone loves to eat bread. After weighing a piece of bread, it weighs 50 grams. When we eat slices of bread, which enters our body per slice, how many slices can we eat daily?

10 Nickels

U.S. nickel weighs 5,000 grams each and has a value of 0.05 U.S. dollars. It is approximately 21.21 mm (0.835 in) in diameter and 1.95 mm (0.77 in) thick. Nickel is made of 25% nickel, 75% Copper. Because each nickel weighs 5 grams, if you collect 10 nickels, it will be 50 grams.

Of course, many more common items weigh about 50 grams. Hopefully, some objects weighing 50g that I wrote in this article will be useful information for you.