13 Common Things in The House That Weigh 1 Pound

The things that are around us here do have different weights. But, unfortunately, this is sometimes not realized by yourself.

One that is often discussed in this size unit. So, this unit is indeed more popular in the U.S. However, not all countries use this unit of measure. So, there are also kilograms or tons. So, 1 pound is equal to 0.453592 kilograms.

The fact is now that we will discuss items that weigh 1 pound. The item turns out to be around you. The following is a list of items and an explanation:

A Block of Butter

a Block of Butter Weighs 1 Pound

A block of butter is milk fat, which is usually used for cooking purposes. Usually used for frying, grilling, or sauteing. This block of butter will melt when placed in a hot area. So even this dish can be used as a substitute for cooking oil. This is the right ingredient for those of you who don’t like foods that are too oily.

A Loaf of Bread

A loaf bread weighs 1 pound

A Loaf of Bread weighs about 1 pound. So indeed, we often do not realize this. That we often encounter food of this size every day. Even in the U.S, nearly 12 million loaves of bread are sold every day. But sometimes, we don’t realize the weight and size it contains. And that is an extraordinary thing to realize.

Two Cup of Milk

Milk is a healthy drink and comes from animals or plants. There are two types of milk in this world. Namely derived from animals such as cows, goats, buffalo, camels, or horses. However, some come from plants such as soybeans. Each cup of this milk is 250 ml. So, you can be sure if 2 cups are equal to 500 ml.

A Pack of Spaghetti

a pack of Spaghetti Weighs 1 Pound

What weighs 1 pound next are noodles from Italy. So, this winning noodle is already very famous throughout the world. Even though it comes from Italy, but now in any country, you can eat it. The basic ingredients of this spaghetti are semolina wheat durum. So finally, the instant version is made and sold per pack.

A Large Apple

Apple weighs 1 pound

Apples are one of the many types of fruit in the world. The size of these apples also varies according to planting. However, they do usually measure up to 4 inches in diameter. The colors of this apple are red, yellow, and green. These apples are very easy to find because the harvest cycle is quite fast.

Three Medium Sized Bananas

This fruit is rich in benefits for the human body. Vitamins also contain many that are very good for skin health and the immune system in humans. So indeed, the banana is a good fruit to consume every day. You should eat at least 3 medium-sized bananas for dessert. Three Medium Sized Bananas weigh about 1 lb.

Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball Weighs 1 Pound

There are many kinds of balls in this world. Some include small, medium, and large balls. The little balls include tennis, table tennis, or baseball. Then some are like takraw or rugby. The latter are large balls such as soccer balls, basketball, or volleyball. So a ball that has 1 pound is the big ball category.

Small Camera Tripod

Camera Tripod Weighs 1 PoundCamera Tripod Weighs 1 Pound

What weighs 1 pound there is next to a small camera tripod. This tripod is a support used in the world of photography. The weight of a tripod is definitely influenced by the material and size of the tripod itself. Carbon fiber is often used to get a tripod that is lightweight but has good durability.

Smartphone in A Hardcase

A cell phone will be much safer if you use a protector. The protector that cell phone users often use has a hard case or soft case. However, more people use hard cases because they are much safer. So, when you hit or fall, it will touch the Hardcase first. So automatically, with such uses, the weight must be different again.

Pair Of jeans

Pair Of Jeans Pictures

The average pair of jeans weighs about 0.7 pounds to 1 pound (0.34 kg to 0.45 kg). However, heavyweight jeans can weigh more than 1 pound, whereas lightweight jeans weigh roughly 0.75 pounds.

A Paperback Book

What weighs 1 pound next is a paperback book. So, this is the very beginning or end of a book. So, you usually call it a “cover,” so the usual size becomes thicker from that. This is what distinguishes the filled paper from the paper used as the cover earlier.

Twenty AA Batteries

There must be some electronic items in your house that use AA batteries. So this is a medium-sized battery that is widely used for electronic goods, such as a remote, mouse on a computer, wall clock, and many others. But to reach the intended weight requires 10 AA size batteries.

MacBook Charger

Macbook Charger Weighs 1 Pound

What weighs 1 lb here now is the charging device is usually a cable to connect the electric current and the laptop. However, the cables and jacks used are quite different from electricity in general. Moreover, this is for laptops, which, for example, are more often different from other electricity users. First, however, electronics enthusiasts must know the name charger.

A Couple of a Clownfish (Nemo Fish)

The ocean has quite a lot of mysteries for humans to know. But as we know, in this ocean, there is such a thing as a clownfish. This fish is popular with its film entitled finding Nemo. At that time, almost all the children had their films. And they really want to watch it. This phenomenon is almost similar to when the free willy film was shown.

Final Word

Basically, the kit is surrounded by items as well as something of a certain size. So there’s no need to use the weird examples out there. You only have enough to comment on yourself, or what we call self-introspection that what weighs 1 pound turns out to be a lot to know. It could even be more than the list above.

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