12 Common Items That Weigh 25 Pounds

Did you know that in this world there are so many things that have enormous weight? Now we measure objects weighing approximately 25 Pounds. Now, do you know how many kilograms weigh those 25 pounds? If translated according to 1 pound, it can be interpreted as equal to 0.5 kilograms. So a weight of 25 pounds equals about 12.5 kilograms.

Everything has weight. After doing lots of surveys and measurements, here are 12 Common Items That Weigh 25 Pounds.


20 lbs Watermelon Photos

When you buy watermelons at the grocery store, you will notice that watermelons are quite heavy. Watermelon average weight lies between 20 and 25 pounds (between 9 to 11 kilos)

Called “watermelons” for a reason, they are 92% water, making them a perfect refresher for those hot summer months. Watermelon’s weight depends on the type of watermelon itself; they have more than 1200 different varieties. However, watermelons are divided into 4 main categories: Seeded, Seedless, icebox (as knows as mini or personal size), and Yellow / Orange.

32-Inch LCD TV

32-Inc LC TV Weighs 25 Pounds

LCD TV also weighs quite heavy. A 2 inc LCD TV weighs about 7 kilograms. LCD tv is composed of various components consisting of an engine, as well as a plastic casing. So if we weighed  LCD TV 32 Inches to weigh about 25 pounds, it equates to 2 of 32 inch LCD TVs.

Puli Dog

This male puli has a height of 40-44 cm and weighs around 13-15 kilograms, while the female puli has a height of 37-41 cm and a weight of 10-13 kg. If you weigh it, it weighs almost 25 pounds.

This dog pulley’s colors are generally white, black, striped, beige, silver, brown. This animal is adorable and also unique. So if we weighed  2 puli dogs include what weighs 25 pounds.

Puli Dog Images

Puli Dog has a medium-sized which is dog originating from Hungary. The Poli dog is characterized by a very dense coat like a “broom.” This dog pulley’s lifespan is 12 to 16 years, which is quite a long time too, huh. Puli dog has the characteristics of very Energetic, Obedient, Clever, Agile, and Loyal.

Male Turkey

Turkey Weighs 25 Pounds

Male turkeys have the characteristics of red to black eyes, have a yellow beak, and have a large head. Male turkeys can weigh around 6 or 7 kilograms, for female turkeys can reach5 kg. So, if you weigh 25 pounds, you can mix it with 2 male turkeys, so it is included in weighing 25 pounds.

3 Gallon of Water

Do you like to drink? Drink water is perfect for your body. It makes you have a good For 25 pounds it means 12.5 kg, to be converted to liters in 1 kilogram is 1 liter or 1000 billion liters. For 25 pounds, it is equivalent to 3 gallons of water, each weighing approximately 415 milliliters per gallon.

2 Years Old Child

A 2-year-old child also weighs quite a bit for the ideal size. 2-year-old children weigh about 10 kg- 13 kilograms, so if we weighed  2 years old, including to what weighs 25 pounds.

Car Tires

Did you know that car tires are also quite heavy? Car tires are very needed for your car. The rubber composition is used to make tires and with other material added.

Tires also differ in weight according to size. For example, ring 14 tires weigh about 8 kg. So if we weigh it to get 2 tires, it will weigh about 25 pounds.

Baby Dolphins

Baby Dolphin Weighs 25 Pounds

Dolphins are huge animals. He reproduces by giving birth. Therefore he is categorized as a mammal. For newborn dolphins are 85 centimeters long and weigh eight kilograms.

Dolphins are rare animals that must be protected. The life cycle of a dolphin can reach 40 – 55 years. This beast is extraordinary because it has high intelligence. So if we weighed baby dolphins, include what weighs 25 pounds.

2x Bowling Ball

Bowling Ball Weighs 25 Pounds

Bowling is a trendy indoor sport. Indoors Rain or heat doesn’t matter, because we do this sport in a special room. Sometimes bowling is played on a wooden court—Bowling court (lane) made of wood smoothed. The bowling court has a width of 1.4 – 1.6 meters with a length of 18 meters.

Bowling is synonymous with a fairly heavy ball. Bowling balls are made of a rubber or plastic composite. Bowling balls usually have three or four-finger holes. The hole is used to make it easier for us to hold the ball. Bowling balls weigh vary, ranging from 4.5 kg – 7.2 kg. Therefore if we weighed 2- 3 bowling balls, include what weighs 25 pounds.

Horse Saddle

Horse Saddle Images

Did you know that riding a horse requires a saddle? You will be safe if you are riding a horse using a saddle, it will be more safe and convenient. Now, this horse saddle turns out to be very heavy. Can weigh up to 12.5 kilograms. Wow .. this is amazing. It is made very heavy so that those who sit can be strong and comfortable on the horse.

5 Bags of  Sugar

Sugar is an essential thing to make sugar dan delicious drink. For 25 pounds, it can be calculated that it is also equated with sugar. Each bag weighs 2.5 kilograms of sugar, so 25 pounds of sugar are equivalent to 5 bags of granulated sugar. It is what weighs about 25 pounds.

 30 Pack of Beer

Beer is generally placed in cans or bottles. This is a favorite drink in the united state, another west country. The volume of 1 liter of water corresponds to 1 kg. If 25 pounds is 12.5 kg, this corresponds to 12.5 liters. So for 30 packs of beer weighing 0.5 liters or 500 billion liters is equal to 25 pounds.

There are what weighs 25 pounds. I hope this article is useful for you and will give new information to you.