9 Common Item That Weighs 200 Grams

Can you mention some times that weigh 200 grams? Mentioning those items may be difficult if you don’t get used to know them. What you can do is only predicting the weight.

Here, we share with you several things that weigh 200 grams. You may shock by the unexpected result below.

2 Medium Size Bananas

Dieters are straight with the dose of meals they have to it. They do it to achieve their ideal weight as well as healthier than before. One of the fruits that they have to consume is bananas. You may want to consume 200 grams of bananas, but you don’t know how many slices you need. 200 grams of bananas are equal to 2 medium-size bananas.

Eating two medium-size bananas is good, whether you are a dieter or not. Imagine that 200 grams of bananas help increase your red blood cell level, turn carbohydrates and fats into energy, remove unwanted harmful chemicals from your liver and kidneys, and many more.

40 Nickels

You may know that a roll of coins consists of 40 nickels, but have you ever thought about the weight of the pennies? For your information, the weight of each nickel is 5 grams. So, a roll of coins that consists of 40 nickels is equal to 200 grams.

The weight excludes the paper on the roll, so you have to first rip off the paper before measuring it. New nickels are close to 200 grams instead of the old ones. The weight of the coins may change due to usage and a variety of factors. It happens because the metal on the coins erodes and makes them lighter.

3 C-cells Batteries

Do you still want to know more about the weight of some items that equal 200 grams? Another good example is a C-cell battery. The weight of a C-cell battery is approximately 67 grams. So, you need to collect three C-cell batteries to make the weight are equal to 200 grams. C-cell batteries are different compared to A-batteries.

This type of battery is also easy to find on the market. It doesn’t matter whether you use new or old batteries. The weight of the battery doesn’t change. One thing that changes in a C-cell battery is its density, and it doesn’t affect the weight.

A Cup of Granulated Sugar

Have you ever notify the weight of a cup of granulated sugar? Surprisingly, the density of a cup of granulated sugar is 200 grams. This information helps you a lot if you need to use 200 grams of granulated sugar, but you don’t have a scale.

A Cup of Granulated Sugar Weight

All you have to do is taking the sugar with a cup. Voila! You are ready to mix it with other ingredients and use it as you want. You can try to weigh other ingredients because they may have different doses per 200 grams.

The more information about this thing, the faster you cook something. The most important thing is that you have the same food, whether using a scale or not while measuring the baking ingredients.

Two-Week-Old Kitten

Based on the standard, the weight of a 2-week old kitten is 7 ounces. So, how many grams 7 ounces are? 7 ounces is 200 grams. This information is useful enough if you don’t get used to weighing something in an ounce. Some countries often use grams instead of ounces.

At least, you finally know if the veterinarian says that your kitten’s weight is 7 ounces. The happiest thing is that your kitten is healthy and having a regular size.

80 Pennies

You may be curious about how many pennies you need to reach 200 grams. You only need to prepare less than two rolls of nickels pennies to achieve that weight. A roll of nickels pennies consists of 50 pennies. In this case, you only need 80 pennies if you need a weight that equals 200 grams. The weight of a penny depends on the material and the condition.

Let say dirty coins are a little bit more weight than a clean or new penny. As a result, you may need less than 80 new nickels coins to achieve 200 grams. One thing for sure, you can use this as a standard if you need a substitution of 200 grams that easy to find and ready to use.

An Adult Hamster

A hamster is a well-known animal due to its cuteness and small size. Believe it or not, the weight of an adult Syrian hamster is equal to 200 grams. The good news is that it is also a sign of a healthy adult Syrian or golden hamster.

So, you can be happy if you scale the weight of your lovely hamster, and it shows 200 grams. It can be your standard to find out whether there is something wrong with your hamster or not. If your hamster’s weight is less than 200 grams, it means that the hamster may have a health problem. On the other hand, if the hamster is more than 200 grams, it may be overweight.

10 Sliced of Commercial White Bread

Those who have to maintain their eating portion have to calculate their calories and the food dose. Let say your instructor allows you to eat white bread but not more than 200 grams per week or month.

You may get confused about measuring the number of white bread you can eat. For your information, 200 grams are equal to 10 slices of commercial white bread. Now, you know that you can only eat at least ten slices of white bread per week or month if you have to do it.

A Large Size Apple

Maintaining your weight means you have to manage your eating habit. You have to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, including an apple. The weight of a large size apple is approximately 200 grams. It is enough to fill your calories, carbs, fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin K daily.