9 Common Items That Weigh 100 Grams

Some people don’t care about the weight of objects. It seems insignificant in your life, but knowing the weight of specific objects is a crucial thing.

Let say you need to measure ingredients by 100 grams because you have to eat for health. Check the 9 common items that weigh 100 grams below.

Apple Mouse

Apple has created a lot of popular and great products. It seems that this company understands what people need to use a gadget comfortably. Apple mouse is one of the examples. People think that this product is comfortable and handy to use.

Apple Mouse Pictures

The interesting part is that the weight of an Apple mouse is 100 grams. The company is not only creating a lightweight product but also a simple mouse to use.

Apple mouse is wireless and rechargeable, so you don’t need to get confused about putting the cable on the port anymore.

Cute Newborn Kitten

You can see whether a newborn kitten is healthy or not by measuring its weight. The regular size of a cute newborn kitten is between 80 to 100 grams.

You don’t need to get confused anymore, whether your newborn kitten is in good condition or not. If their weight is 100 grams, it means they are okay.

Cute Newborn Kitten Pictures

You can then check the overall health condition to ensure that the kitten is healthy without any health problems. You have to be worried if the size is too small and even less than 100 grams.

There is maybe something wrong with their health. This standard provides you with crucial information, whether you have to bring the kitten to the vet or not once they were born.

2 Good Size Garlic Head

Delicious meals are coming from high-quality ingredients and precise measurements. For example, you need at least 100 grams of the garlic head to cook roasted garlic and butternut squash hummus with goat cheese. You may get confused about how many garlic heads you have to use that equals 100 grams.

2 garlic Images

You have to know that two good size garlic heads equal 100 grams. You have to mix these garlic heads with other ingredients, including butternut squash, olive oil, lemon zest, goat cheese, and many more. Indeed, you have to measure all the ingredients correctly to get the delicious flavor.

Chicken Wings

Have you ever think the weight of chicken wings? It is a crucial thing if you want to cook a meal with chicken wings. This information helps you get the same size of wings and the right number of wings you have to use in a portion.

Chiken Wings images

The weight of regular chicken wings is 100 grams. You only have to accumulate the total based on the portion you want to cook. Let say you want to cook for five servings; it means you need to use five regular chicken wings or 500 grams of chicken wings.

2 Medium Sized Chicken Eggs

You may get confused if the instruction asks you to use 100 grams of chicken eggs. It is the importance of learning its conversion. 100 grams of chicken eggs are equal to two medium-sized chicken eggs.

Some meals use two medium-sized chicken eggs in which are the same as 100 grams, including chicken and egg hash, egg stuffed whole chicken, and egg stuffed potato.

The conversion of the number of the egg to grams is even crucial in the baking industry. You have to use a precise egg to get a soft and perfect cake. Image if you don’t know about this valuable information. You have to find out the answer, and it takes time.

A Car Key

Some car keys seem heavier than other car keys. A car key without any additional accessories such as a key chain or remote control approximately 100 grams.

The weight of car keys varies because of the accessory you use. Some people love to give a heavy key chain to make it more comfortable and handy to bring. Other people love to use a car alarm as a key chain to use the alarm anytime easily they want to lock or unlock the car.

A Couple Love Birds

You also need to know about the condition of a couple of love birds you want to buy. It helps you to know whether they are healthy and ready to go home.

The thing you have to know that the weight of the love bird is 50 grams each. So, if you buy a couple of love birds with a standard measurement, it means that 100 grams equal a couple of love birds.

Couple Love Bird

The weight shows that these love birds are in good condition, and you are ready to take care of them at home. All you have to do is maintaining your weight to be healthier and happy.

Baby African Penguins

Handling baby African penguins is challenging. A zookeeper has to understand what the baby penguin needs. Zookeepers also have to control the health condition of the baby African penguin. For example, they have to check the weight of the penguins.

When the weight of the penguins achieves 100 grams, it means this baby shows a good sign. The vet only has to check other vital organs to ensure no health problems for the baby African penguins.

Camping Knife

Camping Knives

Camping is a fun and challenging activity. You have to prepare everything before going to a specific area for camping. Try not to bring a too-heavy bag when you are going camping.

You need to bring a small, lightweight, and compact tool for a simple and comfortable option. Indeed, the tools have to support your camping activity. For example, you can bring a camping knife.

The reason to bring it is to protect yourself as well as compact and lightweight. As a result, you can bring it in the bag and take it anywhere and anytime you need it. The weight of a camping knife is only 100 grams.