12 Everyday Items That Weigh One Ounce (Update)

An ounce is the weight of smaller items. You can find these little things in your house or nearby area. Then, you can learn more about these small items.

After finding out, it will surprise you. Various items have weighed an ounce. You can list it from food to stationaries.

In the Middle Ages, the British used an ounce as a measurement tool. Although it wasn’t consistent, they used it in many things.

A USB Flash Drive

Nowadays, we are well-known for the use of digital tools. You can take a USB flash drive as an example.

Aside from being used as digital equipment, you can use this as a medium of measurement learning. A single USB flash drive weighs approximately an ounce.

A USB Flash Thumb Drive Weight

Try to seek a simple or standard model. Then, you can experiment with any similar items.

Let’s say you are in the office. Then, you hold six sheets of paper and your USB flash drive. Yes, they are almost alike in size.

A Single Shot Espresso

A Single Shot Espresso Weight

There are many selections of things that weigh an ounce. Apart from solid items, you can find fluid items as well. In this case, you can take a single shot of espresso as an example.

A coffee lover is famous in terms of a single shot. It is one liquid ounce of espresso.

Weighing this might be a little bit challenging for you. Although it is difficult to do, you can use this fluid as a measurement item.

2 tbsp of Butter

2 Tbsp Butter Weight

Butter is a common item in your kitchen. Aside from being used as a food ingredient, you can take it as a measurement tool.

There are various selections on how to measure butter. Some use cups to weigh it, while others use a stick to measure it.

Besides you can use a tablespoon as well. If you measure two tablespoons of butter, you will recognize that it is almost an ounce.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your butter now and match it with similar-weight items.

A Slice of Bread

If you go to your kitchen, you might see some bread there. The bread is made from various ingredients.

You will also know that it has several shapes. Of course, each piece of bread has different measurements as well. Its density and other factors can affect its weight.

However, let’s slice your bread. Then, you can estimate how much that slice of bread is measured. Yes, it is around one ounce.

A slice of bread is a simple example of everyday things that weigh one ounce. You can use this as a comparison with other things.

An AA battery

Let say you are in the living room and try to find simple things that weigh an ounce. Then, you hold a remote and try to find the replacement of a new AA battery.

Have you ever measured the exact weight of each AA battery? If you measure it, you will know that it is about an ounce.

There are plenty of digital tools that use an AA battery as their energy power. It is another simple example of things that weigh in an ounce.

A Standard BIC ink Pen

Are you familiar with a Bic ink pen that you used during school time? This pen can be used everywhere too. You might find this pen on your working table.

This pen is a good sample of a thing with an ounce weight. You can grab this pen if you try to compare it with a similar weight.

Be sure that you will use a standard one instead of a fancy pen with ink gel. Of course, each pen type will have a different measurement.

8 UK Pennies

If you visit the UK, you are familiar with its penny. It is a coin that is used in Great Britain.

Do you know that 8 UK pennies have weighed equal to an ounce? You can try it once you get the chance to hold UK pennies.

Some people might use pennies as a medium for measurement. Why? You will know that these coins are reachable.

Your pocket or coins wallet is your hidden treasure. You can get more pennies from there. However, you need only 8 pennies to make it equal to an ounce.

6 Sheets of Paper

Sheets of paper weight

Now, let search in your office. You can have a look at a paper lying on your copy machine or printer. Then, take six sheets of paper.

You will be amazed that six sheets of paper have a related weight in an ounce. However, make sure that you use a basic and standard one. You will learn that fancy paper will have different measurements.

To make it almost equal to an ounce, six sheets of paper is enough. You can test it with a similar item.

Two empty Soda Cans

Some of you may be a fan of Soda Drink. You might have it in a bottle or a can. If you get two empty cans of soda, you had better not throw them away.

These cans are a simple thing for you to learn about measurement. You will know that their weight is approximately an ounce. You can test it with related everyday items.

A can of empty soda has weighed around 0.5 ounces. Thus, you may check it to reassure it. Remember, this measurement is based on a standard size can.

A New Wooden Pencil

Wooden Pencil Weight

Most people will use a pencil to write down something. Let’s say you want to note your grocery lists.

When you hold a wooden pencil, you might wonder how much it weighs. Although a wooden pencil is light, it weighs approximately an ounce.

Of course, if your pencil is shorter, the measurement becomes lighter. However, you can expect a standard wooden pencil is almost equal to one ounce.

A pencil is the simplest example that you can take to learn about an ounce measurement. You can use it anytime and anywhere.

Charging Cable

At this time, the charger cable is an item that will always be around us. It will be a disaster when the charger cable is lost or damaged. In addition to chargers, wallets, and passports, a charger cable is one item we will take when traveling.

The weight of a charger cable certainly depends on the length and material used. But generally, a charger cable with a length of 1 meter weighs about 1 ounce.

Lens Cap

Lens caps keep your camera lenses safe when they’re not in use, whether you’re storing or moving the cameras or lenses themselves. Proper equipment sizing and the desired attachment method are essential considerations when purchasing lens caps.

The weight of a lens cover depends on the size and material used, but in general, a lens cap that comes with a standard lens from a camera weighs about 1 ounce. For example, a beginner camera from Canon will come with an 18-55mm lens as standard. It has a lens cap diameter of 58mm and weighs about 1 ounce.