12 Common Items That Weigh 5 Pounds

Is it somewhat pivotal to know the weight of everyday items around you? Some people are unable to get the idea of that at first.

Surprisingly, it will come in handy at some points in life. Those who travel very often will find it to be helpful. It will help to pack the proper luggage according to the weight limit for it.

On another occasion, it will help when asking kids to help with the lifting of stuff around. In that case, check out these things that have only 5 pounds of weight.

Serving Dishes

Serving Dishes Pictures

Believe it or not, a set of serving dishes weigh 5 pounds. They are certainly among the everyday items to handle every day. Knowing about this will provide a little bit of understanding when doing the dishes. They are not light to hold for cleaning.

So, never underestimate anyone who has to clean the dishes every day. It will be tiresome to do for sure. At the same time, it can be a recommended form of home exercise.


This item is an item that will serve as a substitute for a dumbbell for home exercise. Many compact printers weigh only 5 pounds. An example of that is the HP DeskJet 3755.

A printer of that weight is easy to move from one place to another. It is among the so-called everyday items since many households will probably have one compact printer around. Anyone who starts to do a bit of weight lift at home can use it.

Acoustic Guitar

Accoustic Guitar Pictures

Anyone passionate about music will find it helpful to know that an acoustic guitar has only 5 pounds of weight. Street performers who bring it to many places to perform will not find it heavy at all. It is among the popular stuff that people love to have while camping.

In terms of shipping it to another place, be aware of the dimensional size of this item. It may cost a bit more expensive than other things with 5 pounds of weight.

Bag of Flour

Asking kids to help with the groceries that include a bag of flour is a good thing. A regular sack of flour weighs only 5 pounds. That makes it pretty reasonable for parents to ask their kids to move it. It is another item that may come in handy for anyone to try weightlifting at home.

There is no need to buy expensive equipment for that activity. Starting from a 5-pound bag is a good idea to do weightlifting at home.

2012 MacBook Pro

2012 Macbook Pro Pictures

Another item that weighs only 5 pounds is the MacBook Pro from the year 2012. A lot of people make the most use of it, likely without knowing its mass.

University students may have it in their backpacks every day. It is crucial to know the weight of the rucksack for the daily routine. Unquestionably, the latest version of this item weighs less than the 2012 version.

Food Blender

Among the many things to find in the kitchen, a food blender is one of them. It is among the things that have only 5 pounds of weight.

The importance of knowing its weight will help to make sure the proper storage for it. It is pivotal to store it on any surface that is sturdy enough. Thus, it requires a good quality counter or cabinet. Keep in mind that different products of food blenders may weigh differently. 

Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash Pictures

according to wikipedia.com, Butternut Squash comes from Australia or New Zealand. This unique fruit is amidst the everyday stuff with 5 pounds of weight. It has a unique shape in the pumpkin-like color of its exterior.

The nutty and sweet taste of it is pretty close to a regular pumpkin. It is possible to add it to any idea of Halloween décor. Surprising enough, it is another fine item to use as a dumbbell for home exercises with weight. Regular weightlifting using this fruit will still be a good thing to do.

16 Weeks Old Kitten

Everyone will be familiar with kittens for sure. A kitten that has its age of 16 weeks old will commonly be in 5 pounds of weight.

This cute creature will then grow bigger and heavier as long as it eats the proper food. The cuteness of a kitten at that age is unquestionable. It will make many people eager to hold it.


Chihuahua Pictures

There are indeed some big dogs out there that are heavy. On the other hand, there is this dog called Chihuahua, which is only about 5 pounds. It is a cute and small dog that some people love very much. It tends to be the favorite of celebrities as well. The lightweight characteristic of Chihuahua makes it very easy to hold.

500 Sheets of A4 Paper

A pack of 500 sheets of A4 paper will make about 5 pounds in total. The package can be helpful to put weight on something.

Moreover, it is also possible to use it to hold something. Of course, its usual purpose remains there as well. Just remember this weight classification before holding on to it.

A Backpack

A backpack Pictures

The average weight of a backpack with some regular items inside is only 5 pounds. It means that most students will probably hold on to their 5 pounds backpack every day. It is possible to add more stuff into the rucksack for it to weigh even more.

Just keep in mind the official capacity of the knapsack before stuffing more items inside. Adding too many items to it is not a recommended thing to do at all.

4 Footballs

Football is a common thing to find everywhere. The popularity of the sport all around the globe is the sole reason for it. A set of 4 regular footballs will make 5 pounds. It is a decent activity to do to push a cart full of footballs. The total weight of the carriage is adjustable according to the balls put inside. Unquestionably, that activity is not a new thing for those who play football regularly.