10 Common Items That Weigh 10 Pounds

It is easy to tell the weight of an item by using a scale. Unfortunately, at some points, it is impossible to use a scale.

So, how to check on the weight of anything without a scale? The answer to that question is to know the things in a particular mass.

Many daily items that weigh 5 pounds and 10 pounds can be the start on this matter. Unquestionably, to know about it will come in handy for some occasions. An example of that is during the packing time before traveling. So, these are some regular items with only 10 pounds of weight.

Bass Guitar

This musical instrument is famous for its weight, without a doubt.

A lot of beginners tend to play it while sitting due to its mass. If anyone wants to bring it on the road, pay attention to its total weight with its case

Moreover, when the travel is on the plane, check on the available luggage allowance for a passenger to avoid paying the extra cost for it.

a 10 pound Bass Guiter Pictures

Other than that, it is a good thing to consider its weight before deciding to play it in a band. So, it is not easy to play bass because it is heavy to start with it.

Vacuum Cleaner

Among many household items that a lot of people use every day is a vacuum cleaner. It turns out that this equipment weighs 10 pounds. That weight is a standard weight of this item without a whole load of dust after each use. It is only reasonable that cleaning an interior using this item is a tiring task to do.

a 10 pound pumpkin vacum Cleaner Photo

Today’s releases of this particular item are often lighter in weight and smaller in size. An older model of vacuum cleaner may have more weight at the same time.

Bowling Ball

It is clear now that some people are unable to throw it correctly. The sole reason for that is its weight of 10 pounds.

Holding the ball and throwing it accurately to hit a strike requires good skill. Put it in its respective bag, and it will be helpful as a weight for weightlifting training at home.

Weightlifting with that load is a decent regular exercise without spending some money on the proper tools and equipment for that activity.


A regular item to find on Halloween is a giant pumpkin. So, the weight of that thing is up to 10 pounds in its ripe state. Of course, the one with holes to resemble eyes, mouth, and nose will not be that heavy. Pay attention to that when shopping for pumpkins to celebrate Halloween.

a 10 poun

Other than that, making something to eat out of a 10-pound pumpkin is an unselfish thing for others at once. Imagine putting away all of those pumpkins after Halloween. That will be one hell of a task to do.

Female Turkey

Thanksgiving is a popular celebration that will see Turkeys in many households. This significant kind of chicken comes in 10 pounds of weight for its female. It may be a bit heavier in terms of the biggest, up to 11 pounds.

A male turkey weighs more than a female, for sure. Facing a well-coked 10-pound of female Turkey on a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends is a good thing to do.

A Cat

A kitten may weigh about 5 pounds after some weeks. On the other hand, an adult cat could weigh up to 10 pounds in total. It is a fun thing to hold and cuddle with a cat that weighs and size. Just be aware of the fact that cat mat attacks anyone who disrupts its thing.

Cats that heavy will deliver a decent blow and scratch to anyone dare enough to mingle with it. On the other hand, they remain cute, for sure.

A Gallon of Paint

Anyone who plans to refinish a house will need to deal with the10 pounds weight of a gallon of paint.

There are smaller cans or buckets of paint available as well. Yet, purchasing the 10-pound gallon is the better deal in terms of its price. It will provide an opportunity to cover a larger area as well. With the hefty gallon of paint, it is better to separate it into smaller containers to use it.

Small Microwave

A microwave is a common thing to find in any household. It is helpful kitchen stuff that provides a lot of functions. Some people may not know that the common mass of a small microwave is about 10 pounds. That weight is a sure contribution of its materials. It consists of steel and glass that makes it rather heavy.

a 10 pound Microwave Photos

So, bear in mind the mass of this item when the item needs to move to another spot. Pay attention as well to the surface to place it due to its weighty nature.

A Dog

A regular dog may weigh up to 10 pounds. Some smaller dogs will weigh less, and some bigger dogs will be heavier for sure.

Owning a dog that heavy is going to be a challenge when bringing it for a morning jog. More importantly, if the dog is fast, it will be harder to hold on to the leash.

Some dog owners experience terrible times when their heavy dogs suddenly run in a direction while on a leash. So, be very careful with a dog that weighs 10 pounds. It is okay to prefer smaller dogs with less weight, such as a Chihuahua.

A Bag of Sugar

It is possible to shop for a sack of sugar in its weight of 10 pounds in total.

Sugar in that package size may not be the daily needs of many people. It may be among the grocery list of a cake shop or else that incorporates sugar as its ingredients. It remains a good thing to know that a bag of sugar weighs up to 10 pounds. It can be a great deal of weightlifting exercise to transport that item from one place to another.