10 Everyday Items That Weigh 30 Pounds

Common Items That Weigh 30 Pounds

Do you know that 30 is one of the unique numbers you can find on many everyday items around you? That is the number of items’ weight. Yes, you can find many items that are 30 pounds heavy. Or, at least, their weight is close to that number.

Are you interested in finding more about what kind of item with this weight? We have the list of everyday items that weigh 30 pounds here. Let’s see what kind of items they are.

A Set of PC

One PC unit weighs between 20 pounds and 80 pounds, maybe even more, if you add many accessories. However, for 30 pounds PC, you can find it on the mini-tower type PC with 20 inches monitor.

30 Pounds Set of PC

The mini-tower that uses standard specifications without an extra cooling fan or RAM and GPU will weigh around 20 to 25 pounds. And, the 20 inches monitor, mouse, and keyboard are around 5 pounds. So, this kind of PC set is one of the items that are approximately 30 pounds heavy.

Dining Chair

The next item is the dining chair. We are not talking about a set of dining chairs for your dining room. Here, we only take one unit of a dining chair to get the 30-pound item entry that we need.

The chair with this weight usually takes around three cubic feet of space. And, depending on the material, it also can weigh more than 30 pounds. However, the closer weight to that number is the dining chair made of heavy-duty high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber or metal.

This dining chair also lasts longer than other types of chair. Therefore, people love this dining chair because it saves money for the treatment.


Do you have a bicycle? If you do, it may also have the same weight as the other items on this list. However, there is only one bicycle that matches the description we are talking about here. It is a mountain bike.

Bicyle Weigh 30 Lbs

The average weight of a mountain bike is between 21 and 29 pounds, which is pretty close to our number, right? However, people tend to choose the lighter mountain bike for effortless maneuvers. Despite that, the weight can also reach close to 30 pounds because of extra accessories, such as water bottles, electronic devices, etc. 

Ceiling Fan

Take a look at your ceiling. Is there a ceiling fan there? If you find one, that also may have 30 pounds of weight. Mostly, the ceiling fan this heavy is those that have at least 50 inches blade. Even though it has fan blades that big, it could still weigh lighter. It is all because of the lightweight material, such as plastic or carbon fiber. The ones that can reach 30 pounds of weight are those made of solid wood or metal.  

50 Inches LED TV

The 50 inches LED TV also is one of the items that weigh 30 pounds. The lightweight LED TV type enters this category. This weight, however, mostly comes from the backlit LCD and CCFL. It can take around 37% of the total weight of this TV. The other parts, components inside the TV, and the accessories add the rest of the total weight up to 30 pounds.  


Stroller weighing 30 pounds

Next, we have the stroller, a tool you can use to carry your beloved one for walking and enjoy the fresh air outside.

The stroller type that has 30 pounds of weight is the jogging strollers. Mostly, it is because of the extra part, such as a bag and safety feature. The standard stroller only weighs around 20 pounds. However, a jogging stroller can easily reach 28 to 30 pounds.

20 Dozen Eggs

We are not talking about dragon eggs here. It is a regular chicken egg. Of course, one egg won’t weigh 30 pounds. We need at least 20 dozen eggs to reach that impressive number. A dozen big-sized eggs can easily reach 24 ounces, and at 20 Dozen Eggs, you get around 30 pounds.

4 Gallons of Water

It is not only water. But, any liquid that fills out 4 gallons of container weighs around 30 pounds. One gallon is around 8.35 pounds heavy. 

40 Jars of Jam

Usually, you use jam or jellies that you put on top of ice cream, bread, cookies, or eat directly from its jar. This item also can reach 30 pounds easily if you put 40 jars of this delicious topping together. By the way, one jar of jam measures approximately 12 ounces. 


30 pound Dog

Of course, we can apply the 30 pounds rule on all dog breeds. There are at least four dog breeds that have an average weight of 30 pounds. They are:

  • Finnish Spitz

It looks like a fox. It is one of the active dogs with loud barking. Furthermore, it has unique yodeling-type barking. The adult males of this breed are around 25 to 33 pounds heavy.

  • Iceland Sheepdog

This dog has unique white markings all over its body. It is its trademark. The Iceland Sheepdog males can easily reach 30 pounds when it is fully grown into adult dog.

  • Lagotti Romagnoli

If we are talking about Lagotti Romagnoli, we are talking about its fur. It has unique wooly-curl fur, which feels like human hair. The one that can reach 30 pounds of weight is the male. Its average weight is between 28 and 35 pounds.

  • Pulik Dogs

Pulik Dog is all about the thick cords. This part needs extra attention to keep it clean and beautiful. The male and female have similar average weight, which is around 25 to 35 pounds.

Final Word

It is pretty surprising, right? It turns out you can find many items and living creatures around you with unique similarities. They are around 30 pounds heavy. Those items we mentioned above are only small parts of the items that have this particular weight. You can try to look for other items than what we have on the list.