12 Things That Weighs About 100 Pounds

Do you ever think about items that weigh about 100 pounds? Something weighs more than we imagined before we put it on a scale. The shape sometimes tricked us and made us think that it was heavier or even lighter.

Talking about an item that weighs about 100 pounds will be very interesting. Some kinds of stuff weigh around 100 pounds but do not look that heavy at all.

Animals That Weigh Around 100 Kilograms

So, let’s find out what items have more or less 100 pounds around us. Some of them are types of equipment that we have at home, while others are living things.

Exercise Bike

An exercise bike known as a stationary bike can weigh about 100 pounds. You can find the exercise bike starts from 80 pounds up to 200 pounds. It helps you to maintain your exercise regime when you are at home. It is ideal for any age and fitness level too.

Exercise Bike on Gym is 100 lbs

No matter how the weather will be, you can always keep up with your workout routine. It is good to stop the excuses when rainy outside, and you think you cannot run. 


Small Moped Weigh About 100 Pound

A moped can weigh about 100 pounds and more. It will depend on its engine. The faster the moped, the heavier it would be.

This type of 100-pound moped is usually suitable for low speed only. It is best to use it in a city area to avoid the main road and get rid of the traffic. It is instrumental if you do not like to take public transport.

Typically equipped with small engines of less than 50 cc, mopeds present a compact stature, measuring around 68-70 inches in length, 26-28 inches in width, and 40 inches in height. Their petite dimensions grant them agility and ease of use, making navigating crowded spaces conveniently.

Weight Bench

The weight bench is one of the helpful equipment types to have if you are into weight lifting. This bench can weigh about 100 pounds or even more. It will depend on what kind of bench you are looking for. It is the right choice to have this kind of weight bench at home so that you can have your fitness routine anytime you like. You can do upper body workouts at ease and effectively by using this equipment.

Punching Bag

If you like to practice kickboxing or any exercise with a punching bag, you might know that this bag weighs about 100 pounds. There will be some different sizes for sure.

Punching Bag is 100 Pounds

One hundred pounds is the standard weight for a punching bag. It is a good exercise that can help you to strengthen your upper and lower body muscle. Lately, a punching bag is also recommended for you to have to release your stress and anger. 

100 Pound Bar Bell

A 100-pound barbell is one of the items that also weigh 100 pounds. This fitness equipment is very suitable for you who like to do weightlifting. It can help you to strengthen your muscles so that you can get toned. You can always add some more weights if you want it heavier for your training.

Cabinet (Curio)

A curio or a display cabinet is lovely furniture to have in your living room or dining room. This furniture is handy. You can make it as a display cabinet to give more details in your living or dining area.

You can store your favorite accessories on display there. It is a good choice if you do not have ample space to place more details to enrich the interior. Moneywise it is also perfect so that you do not need to buy useless accessories.

Lawn Mower (Power)

Lawn Mower is 100 Pounds

A lawnmower can also weigh about 100 pounds. It will be a typical lawnmower. You can find this kind of lawn mower at ease at the shop. It is an instrumental piece of equipment to use to trim your garden at ease.

Without this lawnmower, cutting the grass in your garden can take forever. Nobody wants to spend the entire day cutting the grass for sure.

Snow Blower

Living in a city that always has heavy winters will lead you to get a snowblower. This stuff is handy because it can help you to deal with the thick snow.

Snow Blower is 100 Pounds

A regular snowblower also weighs about 100 pounds. You will find it easier to deal with the winter if you have this equipment. If you think about getting one, then it is good before the winter strikes.

100 Pound Catfish

Catfish are pretty standard fish that lives in the river. However, in some places, this species can weigh more than 100 pounds. It is a heavy catch for sure, and you will need a compatible tool to fish. The giant catfish that has ever been caught is about 650 pounds. It was a gigantic catfish ever in the Mekong river.

A large Labrador Dog 

Labrador dogs can weigh around 100 pounds when they are already an adult. It is famous all over the world because it has a nice size that you can cuddle with. It has different colors as well, and they are easy to train. This dog has a cute look and fluffy coat, which makes it irresistible to pet.

A Two Month Old Baby Horse (Foal)

2 month old foal weigh about 100 lbs

A baby horse or called foal that is about two months old is also weighing about 100 pounds. It is the age when they like to explore the new world. Horses at this age need plenty of care to help them to grow healthy and also more vital. 


One sheep can weigh about 100 pounds as well. Of course, they will weigh less once they get shaved during the shaving season. They are adorable and also easy to maintain. Australia is one of the largest farms that focus on sheep. 

Those are the things that weigh around 100 pounds. It is incredible to know the fact that 100 pounds can have different shapes. It is not only equipment but also living things. A dog can even weigh hundreds of pounds. These facts are fascinating to check out. Some of it even surprises us as we never think that it weighs around 100 pounds.