9 Things That Weigh About 100 Tons

100 Tons is equivalent to 200000 pounds, hefty! We often see some objects with weights we sometimes don’t imagine, such as the weight of a house, an airplane, or a blue whale.

We are surrounded by many objects of different sizes and weights. This is, of course, important for human life. Humans also have their size. Even every adult human also has a different size. Therefore, the size you should know the phenomenon. The phenomenon of weight and scope already exists, for example, below:

Natural Things That Weigh 100 Tons

The Blue Whale

Blue Whale Weight 100 tons

Actually, the blue whale weighs more than 100 tons, equal to 200.000 pounds. So, the average weight is around 140 tons. This whale is very rare and endangered. Therefore, this whale is indeed protected. The enormous whale today weighs 173 tonnes. You can imagine that his tongue alone is as big as an elephant. So indeed, this whale can be said to be the size or even bigger than a dinosaur.

The Orca

Orca Whale Weight 100 Tons

The things that weigh 100 tons are both still in the whale family. However, this one whale was named orca. Also known as the killer whale. This whale’s color is very distinctive, namely the predominance of black, and there is a white patch, especially on the top of the eye, which is often referred to as the eye even though his eyes were right below him—the average of these orcas as 85 tons.

Great Vehicle

Boeing 757-200

Boeing 757-200 Weight

The Boeing 757-200 is an airplane that is not too big but has two engines. Boeing commercial Airplanes designed the performance of these two engines for one aircraft.  This plane is about 100 tons. The current aircraft can accommodate up to 295 passengers.

But this thing that weighs 100 tons can change according to the conditions. So, it is because the plane has time to take off and land. The take-off and landing are different. When the aircraft was sluggish, it weighed about 115 tons, and when it landed, it weighed about 90 tons.

The Boeing C 32-A Military Aircraft

The Boeing C 32-A Military Aircraft Weight 100 Tons

The aircraft produced by Boeing is indeed used as an aircraft for military needs in the United States. However, those who use this aircraft most often are state officials in the United States. For example, the president or vice president. So, it is often used for political purposes in other countries.

The things that weigh 100 tons in this one are pretty luxurious. Its very VIP service makes it suitable for use by high-ranking state officials. But it does not fit that size. So, this Boeing C 32-A has a displacement of about 110 tonnes. Although it is pretty large, it can only accommodate 45 passengers.

A Locomotive Engine

100 Tons of locomotives

Basically, this machine weighs from 200.000 pounds to 225 tons. So, it depends on the size of the locomotive engine. This machine, as the name implies, is used for locomotive trains. But apparently, there is also helpful in other tools. However, what is most often used is this train.

These are things that weigh 100 tons, and this one has the primary function as a carrier. So, don’t be surprised if it weighs more than that size. This is natural because we all know that the train must have stored two engines. So, the first one is in front of forwarding and is behind for reverse Movement.

A Space Shuttle

A Space Shuttle Weight

The A space shuttle is the following vehicle, which weighs 100 tons. So, it is still in the aircraft family; it’s just that the designation is different. This plane is used to go into space. So, the goal is very different from ordinary aircraft like Boeing. This aircraft is also specially designed to withstand pressure and considerable force.

Things that weigh 100 tons are also often used as films. Many films are about spaceships. However, the uniqueness of this 200.000-pound is obtained when flying. Precisely when it is empty, it is only about 80 tons. However, because his job was to push upward, his weight would increase to 20 tons.

A Place or Building

A Swimming Pool

It weighs depending on size, especially for a building or place—examples such as swimming pools. So, not all swimming pools up to 200.000 pounds. However, this place has the potential to weigh up to 200.000 pounds. Besides that, what also affects the size is the depth.

The things that weigh 100 tons are very different from the previous ones. If previously, it was an ordinary object that could have been considered. But this place cannot be weighed directly. So, we’re going to calculate the volume from this place itself. If we have a swimming pool that is 5 x 10 and it is 2 meters deep, then the weight will be 200.000 pounds.

The Cloud Gate Sculpture

Weight of The Cloud Gate Sculpture

The next object or building is the cloud gate sculpture. This building is a fantastic statue, so that it fits into a calendar that weighs 100 tons. So, what makes this thing weigh 100 tons? So, the figure that Sir Anish Kapoor created has the primary material of steel plates totaling 168.


The Average house Weight 100 Tons

Things that weigh 100 tons last are home. So once again, a building like this has that weight depending on its size and volume.

A house constructed of wood, concrete, stone, and brick elements will be strong, durable, and long-lasting. A structure built using this material mix may weigh up to 100 tons.

So that’s all those things that do weigh 100 tons. Basically, this world still has a lot of places or items that weigh up to 200.000 pounds. It’s just that what we often encounter and often people know is like the list above. Indeed, the things that weigh 100 tons are there, mainly if you lived in ancient times where all of its living creatures were huge.