10 Common Items That Weigh About 15 Pounds

Feel curious about what kind of Common stuff weighs 15 pounds (6.80kg)? In this article, I will provide a list for you.

People tend not to pay attention to tiny details daily. That is for those who are busy, including you. Thus, when you are on holiday, you might read some articles on websites about anything, from news to fun facts, and now, here you are about to read our articles!

Anyway, have you ever questioned or wondered about your items’ weight like your PC, workout bag, TV, radio, sofas, mountain bike, etc.? Well, this time, we are going to talk about those fun facts. Let’s check it out below!

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that cleans floors and other surfaces by sucking up dust and dirt. It is popular in the UK, US, and Canada.

15 lbs Vacuum Cleaner

Commonly, a vacuum cleaner weighs around 15 pounds to make it light and easy to use. Yet, some might also weigh more or less than 15 pounds. This will depend on the type of vacuum cleaner you bought, whether it is a small or a bulk one.

Bowling Ball

Bowling Ball Weight

You might indeed have heard that bowling balls could be 14, 15, or 16 pounds. Yet, the standard size for a bowing game might use 15 pounds. For your additional information, a bowling ball is made of a piece of precision wood.


A footstool is a kind of furniture that functions well as a support to elevate the foot. Even though it is basically for foot, it can also be a seat (a sofa) for kids.

The footstool is usually made of a combination of wood and leather. Its colors and patterns range; it will depend on its design.

Modern footstool uses light colors or neutral colors such as white, while classical choose a brown option. Most of the footstool’s weight is 15 pounds. Yep, we are talking about 15-pounds items right now!

Golf Bag

Do you enjoy playing golf? Then, you might already own a golf bag to store the golf items you will use. Anyway, have you ever wondered how much it does weigh? Well, it sure has different sizes, but generally, a golf bag weighs around 15 pounds.

15 Lbs Golf bag Pictures

A golf bag might be varied; golf bags are for beginners or professionals, women or men, or even kids. The best golf bag usually tends to be lighter and water-tight. It must have several pockets available, too. Thus, it does price pretty expensive.

Camp Stove

Are you planning to go camping with your whole family members? Then, it is better to bring a camp stove which is practical and reliable.

Camping Stove Portable Photos

A camp stove is a must-needed item you should buy if you are about to go camping. Owning a camp stove, you could cook foods that become very needed since you cannot buy food anywhere while camping.

Do not worry, and a camp stove is not too heavy to carry. It is mostly around 15 pounds only!

Snow Sled

Snow Sledge Pictures

What do you think of sled? Well, it must be much needed when it comes to snow season. You might make use of it for having fun with your kids (playing or racing during the snowy season), or you could also use it for carrying a heavy load of wood.

A sled is made of wood, plastic, or metal. A sled can be a low frame or a carriage that needs animals like horses to pull it. A sled usually weighs 15 pounds.

Wall Mirror

Whether a girl or a man, everyone must always look at the mirror to see her or his reflection, so she or he knows whether she is good-looking. All wall mirrors must be the same; they are made of glass as the central part of the mirror itself.

However, its frame might range. It could be made of wood, iron, etc., and might be painted with different colors such as blue, gold, pink, etc.

Usually, it is fragile, so you need to be careful to take care of it. Anyway, most of the mirror is around 15 pounds.

Toddler Car Seat

Most people, including you, must own a car so you can go anywhere, anytime, anyplace you want.

15 Lbs baby car Seat Photos

Perhaps, buying a car might consider many things, such as having a toddler or having a limited budget perhaps? If you have a toddler, of course, you should purchase the one that offers safety seats and comfort to your kids. There are two kinds of car seats for toddlers.

They are rear-facing-only and rear-facing-convertible. Those seats, for your additional information, weigh around 15 pounds.

A Gallon of Paint

It seems funny, but you need somehow a gallon of paint to cover your wall for a beautiful room décor such as, for instance, a bedroom which is 375-425 square feet.

The porous, drywall which has ever been painted before might need more than a gallon of paint. You might need to choose a dark color paint option such as black.

Thus, other paint color options, including green, red, yellow, purple, etc., are also available. Same as the other items mentioned before, a gallon of paint weighs 15 pounds.

40-Inch LED TV

An LED TV that weighs 15 pounds? Are you sure you are not sleepy? Well, you might be surprised to find that 15-pounds-LED TV does exist, right? But that is the fact.

40-Inch LED TV Weigh About 15 Lbs

LED TV weighs 15 pounds, such as TCL 4 Series 43S435 and Vizio V-Series V405-H19, which are small and more affordable.

Still, they have excellent color accuracy and even support HDR10. It also has many other features such as Google Chromecast, Solid Roku, and plenty of apps or games available.

However, of course, it has some weaknesses and is not as great as standard TV. Thus, it is still suitable for entertainment!

Final Word

Besides the objects we discussed above, some objects weigh around 15 pounds, such as Fish tanks, Stereo Systems, Pressure Cookers, Storage cabinets, a Thick Rug, and much more.

Many other daily items might weigh 15 pounds. What do you think? Do you have any idea what they are? You can take a scale and weigh the objects around you. Who knows, you will find something interesting.