How Much Does a 5-gallon Bucket of Paint Weigh?

You can expect the average weight of 5 gallons of paint will weigh between 30-70 pounds (13.6 to 31 kg).

Considering a gallon of paint is an essential factor. It helps you to estimate how much you will need for your home or a significant object. The following are the estimated weights of different types of paints.

Gallon of Paint Pictures

Latex Paint

Each painting varies in measurement and density. These factors make it have various weights too, and affect the medium that can cover it.

Most construction and home-improvement projects often use latex paint. It is non-toxic and safe for the environment. So, you may choose this paint for your repainting project.

The characteristic of this paint is that it carries high water content. If you use a 5-gallon bucket, it is around 56.5 pounds. Yet, the exact amount may vary for each brand.

For 5 gallons, it can cover up to 2,000 square feet with a single coat. Knowing this amount lets you estimate your requirement for your large painting project.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint has almost the same characteristic as latex. It is water-based but contains a high amount of acrylic. It is commonly applied for art and craft projects.

Because of its similar characteristic, the weight is almost equal to latex. This paint often sells in small amounts. Thus, you will see the ounces as its measurement.

Taking 5 gallons of acrylic paint, you can expect around 55 to 70 pounds. This paint is thicker than latex, so it may not cover the same square feet. Although a 5 gallons bucket of acrylic paint can cover 1,250 square feet, you will not likely cover a larger area using this paint.

Oil-based Paint

The name shows that this paint uses oil as its main ingredient. Nowadays, it consists of natural linseed oil or a synthetic solvent. Sometimes, it contains walnut or safflower oil.

The consistency and flow of this paint are different from the previous paints. It is thicker and requires thinner or mineral spirits to mix it.

In general, the measurement of 5 gallons of oil-based paint is approximately around 33.5 pounds. This paint could cover up to 2,000 square feet as latex does.

The exact amount depends on its specific base and its color. The weight is lighter because the oil density is lower than water.

Enamel Paint

This type of paint is used for outdoor furniture or automotive. It can dry quickly and show a glossy finish.

It is hard to measure the weight of enamel paint. The reason is this paint is applied in a broad category. Its density also depends on the type.

It is approximately 55 pounds or around 25kg for automotive enamel paint for 5 gallons. So, per gallon is estimated at 5 kg or 11 pounds.

After it dries, the heaviness can be significantly less. Although it will evaporate once it is dry, its dry coat still gives you a significant measurement. This thing can impact any objects you paint.