15+ Animals That Weigh About 100 Kilograms (Update)

Some animals weigh about 100 kgs (or equal to around 220 pounds). Ostrich, English Mastiff, Moon Bear, and Mountain Goat are animals weighing about 100 kilograms.

In this article, we will see a few common animals that weigh about 100 kilograms.

Moon Bears

The adult male moon bears can weigh around 100-200 kgs (220-440 pounds). The adult females’ average weights are about 50-125 kgs (110-275 pounds).

These entire things make the moon bears average weight of 104 kgs (230 pounds), around 100 times its birth weight of 0.298 kgs (0.66 pounds).

Lemon Shark

Lemon Shark Weighing 100 kilograms

The average adult lemon shark weighs up to 250 kgs (551 pounds) regardless of whether male or female.

The male species tend to be 250-300 cm (8-10 feet) long, the female ones are around 225-235 cm (7-8 feet), and the babies are around 50-60 cm (1-2 feet). Apart from Lemon Shark, Bull Shark also weighs about 100 kgs.

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin

The Pacific white-sided dolphins, or “lags” as their alternative names suggest, have average lengths of 210-240 cm (7-8 feet) and average weights of around 150 kg (300 pounds). 


The imposing figures of the adult male orangutans are supported by their quite heavy bodies, which are up to 100 kgs (176 pounds) if they live in the wilderness.

Orangutan Pictures

Their weights can increase when they don’t exercise often. Although female orangutans are smaller than males, the differences in the weight ranges are not that far.

Bearded Pig

The bearded pigs (Sus barbatus) are usually around 150-180 cm (5-6 feet) long with about 20-30 cm (0.66-0.98 feet) tails. Their average weights are 100 kgs (220 pounds).

The Marsh Deer

The adult marsh deer’s capability to reach weights of up to 150 kgs (330 pounds) makes them the largest deer species in South America. This attribute also makes them have many meats that lure humans to hunt them.

Mountain Goat

The mountain goats are not goats, even though their names include goats.

Mountain Goat Images

These animals currently in the Rocky Mountains and the Coast mountains regions weigh around 60-90 kgs (130-200 pounds) for females and more than 120 kgs (260 pounds) for males.


Reindeers are the domesticated versions of caribous. Adult males are usually twice the size of adult females.

To be precise, the adult males’ weight of 160-180 kgs (353-397 pounds) and lengths of 180-210 cms (6-7 feet) are double the sizes of the females’ 80-120 kgs (176-265 pounds) weight and 160-200 cms (5-6 feet) length.

English Mastiff (Dog)

These protective dogs have the same average heights for the males and the females, around 70-91 cm (2-3 feet). Even so, the males weigh more than the females.

 English Mastiff Dog Pictures

The male English mastiffs weigh around 73-100 kgs (161-220 pounds), whereas the females weigh about 54-77 kgs (119-170 pounds).


The common warthogs, also known as the warthogs, have the same average heights for males and females, around 90-150 cm (3-5 feet).

The adult males weigh between 60-150 kgs (132-331 pounds), which is heavier than the adult females’ weight ranges of 45-75 kgs (99-165 pounds).

Sloth Bear

100 Kiligrams Sloth Bear

Sloth bears stand around 50-100 cm (2-3 feet) tall on their shoulders when they’re crawling. When standing up or walking, these animals eat ants, and termites’ length is around 150-200 cm (5-6 feet). Their average weight ranges are 90-140 kgs (200-300 pounds).

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

The loggerhead sea turtles are not only known as the second-largest extant turtle. The other essential facts we need to know are their weight ranges of 80-200 kgs (180-440 pounds).

The maximum weights of these turtles are 545 kgs (1202 pounds), whereas the averages are around 135 kgs (298 pounds). 


Tigers are considered dangerous and intimidating animals, and the world recognizes them as the most giant living cats. Their lengths can go up to 280 cm (9 feet), and their weights of almost 300 kg (660 pounds) are also intimidating among all other animals.

Tiger Weight about 100 kgs

Those statistics of the tigers haven’t considered the Siberian tigers, which are deemed the largest tiger subspecies. Even though there is not enough information about the Siberian tigers’ average length or weight, we can predict that the numbers are on par, if not much larger, than the other tiger subspecies.

Spectacled Bear

The sizes of the spectacled bears (Tremarctos ornatus) are small compared to other bears. At the same time, these animals that are believed to be the descendants of the bulldog bears are also the largest carnivores in South America.

The male spectacled bears weigh around 100-200 kgs (220-440 pounds), making the average male weight become 115 kgs (254 pounds). The heaviest male spectacled bears weigh 222.5 kgs (491 pounds).

The female spectacled bears weigh around 35-82 kgs (77-181 pounds), making the average female weight become 65 kgs (143 pounds). These also make the female ones lighter compared to their male counterparts.

Ostrich (The Biggest Bird In The World)

There are two living ostrich species, which are the common ostriches and the Somali ostriches. The common ostriches usually weigh around 63-145 kgs (139-320 pounds). 

Ostrich weighing 100 kilograms

On the other hand, the Somali ostriches, or the blue-necked ostriches, usually weigh around 90-110 kgs (198-242 pounds) for the females and 100-150 kgs (220-330 pounds) for the males.

Giant Panda

The giant pandas, also known as the common pandas or the pandas, have the average lengths of 120-190 cm (3-6 feet) when in standing-up positions and average sizes of 60-90 cm (1-3 feet) when crawling or sitting down positions.

The average weights are around 100-115 kgs (220-254 pounds) for adult pandas. Adult male pandas can weigh up to 160 kgs (350 pounds). Adult female pandas, which are generally 10-20% smaller than the males, tend to weigh around 70-125 kgs (150-276 pounds).

Final Word

We’ve seen that weights are not the only essential things for animals to know about. Their lengths are also necessary regardless of their species. Also, the males are usually longer and heavier than the females.