9 Everyday Items That Weigh 4 Pounds

Four pounds in kilograms mean around 1.81 kg. Any items that have such weight won’t get you tired. Even if you’ve carried them while running or walking for so long, you will find that these items are lightweight. Most beginners use a four-pound dumbbell for working out in at least 30 minutes.

Other than dumbbells, many household items have an average weight of four pounds.

Here are those items:

16-Inch Laptops

The majority of 16-inch laptops tend to have an almost flat screen. Their dimensions also belong to one of their assets. Such things make them easy to find in workplace settings.

2012 Macbook Pro Pictures

Those types of laptops belong to one of the nine most frequently found items with four pounds-weigh. Xiaomi RedmiBook 16 Ryzen Edition and Apple MacBook Pro 16 are some examples.

Apple MacBook Pro 16’s weight is 4.3 pounds or approximately 1.95-2 kg. It means the Western (original) version of Apple is slightly heavier than Xiaomi, the Chinese version of Apple. The new Ryzen Edition RedmiBook weighs 4.19 pounds.

Cast-Iron Skillets

We frequently see cast-iron skillets in kitchens. These durable, versatile, and easy-to-use kitchen items have varying weights according to their sizes. On average, their weights are around four pounds.

The cast-iron skillets that weigh around four pounds are the ones with 8- or 9-inches of their sizes. The slightly larger cast iron skillets are 10-inches in terms of their sizes and typically weigh five pounds.

A Melons

Generally, melons have an average weight range of 4-8 pounds. There are two types of melon, which are Honeydews and Cantaloupes.

Honeydew melons are the ones with pale green colors inside. These types of melon also have either greenish to yellow smooth peel colors. Their weights tend to be closer to the average ranges of melon weights.

On the other side, cantaloupes are the ones with orange and yellow colors inside and outside. Their weight ranges tend to be around 1-5 pounds. In particular, such things happen if their diameters are small. The larger cantaloupes can weigh up to 11 pounds.

A Brick

People often use bricks to build houses and add extra spaces to their properties. The wide ranges of uses of bricks make these items have varying dimensions. Consequently, the weights are different according to the bricks’ dimensions.


The heaviest bricks are the thru-wall ones, which tend to be around 21.8-42 pounds heavy. However, it’s rare for people to use those types of bricks for building their houses. In contrast, it’s common for us to find 4-5 pound-weighed bricks for most properties in the U.S. and Canada.

Steel-Toed Boots

Work Boots Pictures

Steel-toed boots are some of the most common boot types for workplace safety. On some occasions, I can see them in fashion runways.

Compared to other safety boots, steel-toed boots have spikes in them. Such things make these boots heavier than the ones with composite or alloy toe caps. However, their weight ranges fall into the 4-pounds category.

Typically, steel-toed boots are around 3.5-4.5 pounds heavy. The precise weight depends on the boots’ sizes. The shorter the boots’ length, the lighter the weights. For example, 6-inches boots are less heavy than the 11-inches ones.

Hardcover Textbooks

If we work in educational sectors, we will often find hardcover textbooks with different titles. Most of us have probably seen those textbooks in public libraries, bookstores, and many other similar places.

Hardcover textbooks tend to weigh between two and seven pounds. The 500-page hardcover textbooks’ average weight is approximately 2 pounds and 10 ounces. The 1,000-page ones tend to be around 5 pounds and 3.1 ounces.

Sometimes, the weights also depend on the textbooks’ subjects. For example, the average weight of a physics textbook is 4.8 pounds (2.18 kg). Such average weight is four times heavier than textbooks for Media of Mass Communication, which is 1.96 pounds (0.89 kg) heavy.


Saxophones have different weight ranges, depending on the voice types that they accompany.

Some of the examples that fall into the 4-pound category are the C Melody and Alto saxophones. Both of them weigh four pounds and five ounces.

Such weights are under the standard saxophone’s approximate weight of five pounds and two ounces. However, those types of saxophones are twice heavier than average Soprano-ranged saxophones. The Soprano (and C Soprano) ones weigh around two pounds.


Many of us have observed other people digging in dirt, gravel, grain, or snow using shovels. Such experiences can happen inside and outside our houses. Hence, shovels belong to some of the items that we see every day.

The typical weight ranges of these everyday items are 3.3-6.6 pounds. Many aspects determine the precise weights of the shovels. The materials such as steel, aluminum, or plastic, are the predominant aspects that determine how heavy the shovels are.

Shovels Pictures

We can see the example in shovels that people use to scoop on light snow. These shovels’ weights tend to be around three pounds. When I compare these shovels to the ones for shoveling stones or coals, we’ll see that the latter weighs twice the former.

Cordless Drill

We use cordless drills to install cables, hide safety deposit boxes, and more. Indeed, these household items belong to everyday tools.

Compared to other must-haves in the house, cordless drills have some of the most varying weights. More precisely, their weight ranges are approximately 3.5-10 pounds.

The drill bits are some of the aspects that can add to the cordless drills’ weights. The cordless drills will get heavier an ounce for every one drill bit that is attached to them.

Other aspects determine the weights of cordless drills. Some of them are the drill’s cases, the battery sizes, the sizes of the power tools, and more.

We’ll see that those are the items we observe in our everyday lives if we look again at the items’ lists.

We will even get surprised by their weight ranges. The cordless drill is one of the examples. Furthermore, there are even more items with different weight ranges that will surprise us.