Average Weight of Bricks (With Example)

Who doesn’t know bricks? Brick seems always to be present as one of the building materials that are often used.

Brick is often used as a building material because it has many advantages. This building material has also been used for centuries, even many historical buildings in various parts of the world that use brick as the main construction.

How much does the brick weigh?

The average weight of a standard brick is about 4.5 pounds (2 kg). Of course, the weight depends on the type and size of the brick itself.

In general, you can see the type and weight of bricks in the table below.

Brick TypeWeightSize
( Bed Depth X Height X Length )
Modular1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)3-5/8″ X 2 1/4″
Standard2 kg (4.5 lbs)3-5/8″ x 2-1/4″ x 8″
Jumbo Modular2.3 kg (5.1 lbs)3-5/8″ x 2-3/4″ x 7-5/8″
Queen205 kg (5.6 lbs)3-1/8″ x 2-3/4″ x 9-5/8″
Romans2.1 kg (4.7 lbs)3-5/8″ x 1-5/8″ x 11-5/8″
Norman2.9 kg (6.4 lbs)3-5/8″ x 2-1/4″ x 11-5/8″
Closure2.7 kg (6.1 lbs)3-5/8″ x 3-5/8″ x 7-5/8″
Utility4.6 kg (10.2 lbs)3-5/8″ x 3-5/8″ x 11-5/8″

Maybe you only know one type of brick all this time, though brick has several variations and sizes. Some bricks are standard, economy, modular, paver, queen, roman, engineer, thru-wall, and utility. Standard is the type of brick most often used, and we can easily find it in buildings around us.

Bricks are the most common building material in the history of human civilization. According to historians, brick has been used since 7000 BC. The brick is made from clay mixed with mortar or fly-ash, which is then burned to make it hard and sturdy.

Brick was chosen because it is considered strong, durable, cheaper, and easy to arrange and combine with other building materials. Most standard bricks are 8 inches by 3 5/8 inches, but some are 2 1/4 inches. Generally, this standard brick weighs 2.04 kg or the equivalent of 4.5 pounds. Currently, many bricks are sold in the form of cubes containing approximately 500 bricks with an estimated weight of 907 kg or equal to 2,000 pounds.

In addition to the standard, modular brick is a type that is also often used. Modular brick has slightly thinner and lighter dimensions than standard bricks, weighing 1.90 kg or equivalent to 4.2 pounds. Meanwhile, the modular has a size of 7 5/8 inches by 3-5/8 inches by 2 1/4 inches for the dimensions.

Modular and standard bricks are indeed more often used for building materials, but there are also other types of bricks with different weights such as:

  1. Norman and Closure bricks weigh 2.72 kg (6.0 pounds) and 2.76 kg (6.1 pounds), respectively.
  2. There is also Eng. Norman brick weighs 3.17 kg or 7.0 pounds.
  3. Next, there is the 16″ Modular weighing around 3.31 kg, which is equivalent to 7.3 pounds
  4. 12″ Utility, this brick weighs up to 4.12 kg or equal to 9.1 pounds, and 16″ Utility which weighs up to 5.21 kg or 11.5 pounds
  5. The heaviest is, of course, the Triple brick, weighing up to 5.48 kg or the equivalent of 12.1 pounds

Besides bricks, we also know paver bricks that we often encounter on public roads or driveways. In terms of size, paver bricks are certainly slightly larger than standard bricks, more durable, and thicker. Generally, paver bricks weigh between 4.98 to 9.97 kg or 11 to 22 pounds

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