Average Weight of Lemon ( Various Types of Lemon )

How Much Does A Lemon Weigh? An average lemon weighs around 2-3 ounces (0.06-0.09 kg).

Some bigger-sized lemons can be up to 4-10 ounces (0.11-0.28 kg) heavy. That makes one kilogram of lemons contain approximately 5-10 lemons, at least with different sizes.

Each slice (or wedge) that the lemons have is approximately 0.2 ounces (0.006 kg) in terms of their weights. You can still make lemon zests regardless if you use whole or sliced lemons. Lemon zests are some of the most popular forms of lemons.

One lemon creates around three teaspoons of lemon zest. There are 0.71 ounces (0.02 kg) of lemon zest for every one teaspoon. Still, there are times when lemon zests are measured in tablespoons and a whole package of juice. In such situations, the weights can be different.

One tablespoon of lemon zest is three times heavier than a teaspoon of lemon zest. For every lemon you make as a juice, the weights become around 1.33 ounces (0.04 kg).

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Examples Types Of Lemons ad it’s Weight

Eureka lemons’ average weights are 0.43 pounds (0.197 kg). This thing makes them considered as the big-sized lemons. Even so, their diameters of 0.28 inches (0.7 cm) are among the shortest. After all, the rests of lemons tend to have 2-4 inches (5.04-10.16 cm) in terms of diameters.

The weights that Eureka lemons have to make them almost on par with Meyer lemons. The lightest Meyer lemons are 5.88 ounces (0.167 kg), while the heaviest ones are 9 ounces (0.26 kg). This range makes Meyer lemons only slightly heavier than their Eureka counterparts.

The heaviest lemon types are the citron lemons. These Indian and Himalayan-originated lemons are usually 8-10 pounds (3.63-4.54 kg) heavy. Different varieties of citron lemons, such as Corsican and Yemenite citrons, tend to have close weight ranges to one another.

The companies that sell the lemons are the endpoints of determining how heavy the lemons are. Given those, it all depends on how the companies pack the lemons.

Take Sunkist Growers Inc., for example. They ship lemons based on the lemons’ and the cartons’ sizes. Therefore, every lemon in this company is either in 2-, 3-, or 5-pound cartons (or 0.91, 1.36, and 2.27 kg, respectively).

In the end, there can be various ways we can use to measure the heaviness of the lemons. Yet, we can use this article as a reference.

The Finger Lime, popularly known as Lemon ‘Caviar,’ is the world’s most expensive lemon. The price of a pound of finger lime might be around $150.