10 Common Items That Weigh 45 Pounds (Update)

Forty-five pounds mean around 20.41 kg, which equals the average weight of U.S. and Canadian children under 15 years old. Thus, such masses can be heavy for most of us to carry. Even so, there are everyday items that have such an approximate weight.

This article will show you some of the most frequently seen items with approximately 45 pounds.

SUV Tires

Even though SUVs have bigger engines than other passenger cars. So they tend to be larger. Consequently, their tires are heavier than those in regular passenger cars.

Tires for SUV cars tend to have an average weight range of 45-48 pounds. Such weight ranges are twice heavier than tires for passenger cars. In general, SUV tires’ weights depend on the tires’ sizes.

Light Truck and SUV Tires

For example, tires that are less than 17 inches tend to weigh 30 pounds or less. Other properties, such as the rims, also play roles in determining the tires’ weights.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are some of the most crucial parts of your living room’s decor. Glasses (or irons) are the most frequent primary materials for coffee tables. A regular coffee table from any of those materials has a weight range of 40-50 pounds.

Dimensions or diameters matter a lot when it comes to determining the coffee tables’ weights. The larger the coffee table sizes, the more they will exceed 50 pounds.

2000Watt Generator

2000-watt generators tend to weigh around 45-47 pounds. At some points, these generators can weigh 48 pounds or more.

Champion Power Equipment and WEN 56200i Gas Powered Inverter are some examples. These two 2000-watt generators only have 0.5 pounds in their weight differences.

Yet, they are slightly heavier than Honda’s 2000-watt generators’ 47-pound weight. Even so, they are considered lightweight, portable, and easy to transport and store.

50-inch LED TV

The 50-inch LED television’s typical weight is around 40-55 pounds. One of the TVs that fall into such categories is the Samsung TV. In particular, the 45-pound weight depends on whether the package has TV stands.

Samsung TVs with TV stands are around 40.3 pounds heavy. When you buy the package, the shipping weight becomes 47.8 pounds or 7.5 pounds more than the unpackaged ones. However, when you remove the TV stands, the mass becomes as light as 34.6 pounds.

Update: It’s remarkable how swiftly technology has advanced. Nowadays, you can find a 50-inch Smart TV with 4K resolution that weighs a mere 10 kilograms. It’s truly astounding!

How Much Does a 50 Inch TV Weigh

Such weights are the same as the ones with LCD screens. Yet, they are lighter than CRT TVs that can weigh more than 100 pounds.

Wood Nightstand

For some people, a nightstand means bedside tables. They are well-known pieces of furniture in our bedrooms. However, their weight ranges are among the most varying ones. More precisely, they can weigh anywhere from 20 to 80 pounds.

Nightstands of wooden materials are among the most frequent ones to see. The wooden nightstand’s average weight is around 45 pounds. Other than the dimensions, additional materials also play roles in determining how heavy the nightstands are.

There are times when a nightstand is made from wooden and plastic materials. Some plastics are as heavy as 60 pounds. Another crucial thing to consider is that nightstands always have drawers or shelves. These two aspects’ amounts, materials, and dimensions also impact the nightstand’s overall weight.

BigSized Office Chair

Today, it is not rare for us to see big-sized office chairs in places other than offices. These types of office chair weight range between 40-60 pounds.

Big-sized office chairs are heavier than other office chairs to ensure the safety of the people. In particular, they try to accommodate the needs of overweight workers. The ergonomic type is the closest to the minimum weight limit, approximately 40.5 pounds.

Such weight ranges are around twice as heavy as the standard office chair’s 20-35 pounds. However, some gaming chairs have an average weight of 50 pounds, which is the same as the median value of a big-sized office chair’s weight.

Weight Plates

We frequently see weight plates in gyms for weightlifting activities. There are weight plates with one or two inches of central holes. At the same time, there are also bumper plates. Each of these things has different variations of weight.

Some of the heaviest one- or two-inches are central holed plates weigh approximately 20-45 pounds. At some points, a bumper plate’s marked weight can go up to 45-55 pounds.

There are times when the marked weights equal the actual ones. Yet, there are also times when 2-3% of plus-minus differences in the masses are permissible.

Two Large Mirrors

Any mirrors with more than 16×20 or 2.22 square feet of dimension are considered large mirrors. Sometimes, the mirrors can be five feet and six inches tall, particularly in gym settings. Surprisingly, it is not uncommon for these mirrors to be present in a room.

Usually, an individual large-sized mirror weighs around 20-23 pounds. When you double the quantities, you will get 40-46 pounds, the average weight range discussed in this article.

Guitar Amp Head

Guitar Amp Sound

Guitar amplifiers are yet other items with highly varying weight ranges. Many factors influence the guitar amplifier’s weight, including the combo, head, speakers, and the like.

Generally, guitar amps without speakers are approximately 25-50 pounds heavy. A 2×12 combo amplifier’s weight range is 40-70 pounds. The speakers will add to the weight of the guitar amp heads. For instance, the majority of four-speaker combos tend to weigh between 70-100 pounds.

Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds are among the dog breeds that we often find everywhere. Adult Basset Hounds tend to be no more than 14 inches tall. They also typically have short legs.

Even so, they are pretty heavy dogs. Such things happen because they tend to be approximately 40-60 pounds heavy, particularly when they reach two years old. Such weights are not much different than when they were still around 10-12 months old.

Looking back on the lists of the items, I realize the TVs can have the same weights as the dogs. Enough of a surprising piece of information, right?