How Much Does A Car Tire Weigh? (With Example)

You can expect the average weight of a passenger car tire to be between 20-27 pounds (9-12.25 kg). SUV tires less than 17 inches in diameter weigh around 35 pounds.

Weight of Tires

Car tires are the types of tires that may pop up inside our minds when we think about a tire. Yet, car tires aren’t the only tires. We can find tires in every other vehicle, such as motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, and more.

Keeping your vehicle safe is the main task of a tire. This answers the question of why do tires tend to be heavy. Their rubber foundations also become the things that make them heavy.

Lifting a tire with your hand is a way you can use to know how much a tire weighs. Or, you can move it with other vehicles or deliver it as a shipment. At the same time, it’s often not enough on its own.

So, how do we determine the real weight of a tire? Head over to the next point to know more.

Types Of Tires

A surprising thing that you should know is that the sizes of the vehicles don’t matter in computing the weights. Some big vehicles’ tires are lighter than some. Here, “big” means have bigger dimensions than common vehicles like cars and motorcycles.

Golf carts’ 10-pounds tire (4.54 kg) weight is one of the examples. Then, ATV tires usually weigh 23 pounds (10.43 kg) or near twice more than those on golf carts. 

Nonetheless, both tires are lighter than those in passenger cars and motorcycles. The former’s tires are approximately 27 pounds (12.25 kg) heavy, while the latter’s tires weigh normally around 30 pounds (13.61 kg).

Commercial vans and trucks are the vehicles with the heaviest tires. Tires attached to either one of these two vehicles tend to weigh around 115 pounds (52.16 kg). So, they’re almost five times more than passenger cars, motorcycles, golf carts, and other vehicles.

How much does a monster truck tire weigh?

Monster-truck tires stand 66 inches tall and weigh roughly 800 pounds each, making them higher than the typical 10-year-old.

Monster Truck Tire Pictures

Those are the weights without considering the rims. Since rims are integral to tires, it’s important to consider rims after this will decide how heavy each vehicle’s tire rims are.

Considering The Rims’ Types

The tires’ rims’ usually contribute around half of the main tire parts’ weights. Take passenger cars, for example.

The normal weights of a car’s tires without rims are 20-27 pounds (12.25 kg). The rims, however, can be 21 pounds (9.53 kg) heavy. Combined, the total weights become 48 pounds (21.77 kg).

The sizes are other areas that impact the weights of the tires’ rims apart from the models. For example, the 13-inch (33.02 cm) Ford Capri alloys have 33 pounds (14.97 kg).

This is way lighter than many rims that belong to the BMW M series. In particular, the heaviest BMW M rims are the BMW M5 rims that are 20-inch (50.8 cm) in size and 52 pounds (23.59 kg) heavy.

The heaviest rims, however, are Tesla rims. These rims are 1 inch (2.54 cm) more than BMW M5. They are slightly heavier than BMW M5, weighing 55 pounds (24.95 kg) or 3 pounds more than the latter.

Final Word

Remember that a tire is just a part of the whole vehicle. Yet, knowing how heavy a tire should be is a great start in mastering your vehicles.

So, we can conclude that the weight of an average car tire is about 20-27 pounds. What are some objects around us that weigh the same as a car tire or about 20 pounds? I was hoping you could read my article about Common Items That Weigh About 20 Pounds.