How Weight is 30 kg? These 12 items weigh about 30 kilograms

How heavy is 30 kg, really? It’s a question that seems simple yet can perplex me when I try to visualize it.

To bring this abstract figure to life, I’m about to take you through the mundane and the remarkable, featuring 13 items weighing around 30 kg.

From everyday household objects to surprising outdoor items, I’m set to provide a tangible perspective on this seemingly elusive number.

100Ah Battery

Car Battery

On one sweltering afternoon, my father returned from the hardware store lugging a huge object. A hulking black box nestled securely in his arms was a 100Ah battery procured to revive our weary agricultural truck.

Indeed, this was not your average car battery. It boasted a size markedly larger than those used in typical passenger vehicles. And it wasn’t just the dimensions that stood out – the weight was remarkable too. If a run-of-the-mill car battery tips the scales at a modest 15 kilograms, this truck’s battery pushed the boundary further, weighing in at a robust 30 kilograms.

Why so hefty, you might wonder? The answer lies in the capacity. The 100Ah battery can store a torrent of electric current, quite a leap from the 40Ah capacity found in standard car batteries. Indeed, the weight of this battery echoes its formidable power storage, making it an intriguing representative of the 30 kg club.


E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are an upgraded version of the classic bicycles we’re familiar with.

These innovative rides carry an electric motor and a battery, making them powerful and efficient, especially for longer distances and uphill routes. But these features come with a cost – additional weight.

Your typical E-bike weighs around 30 kilograms, a significant increase compared to conventional bikes. This heft is mainly due to the built-in motor and battery that give the E-bike its power. Despite this, the weight feels negligible once you hop on and the motor kicks in.

Small Generator

Weight of Small Generator

Small generators are a reliable power source when access to electricity is limited or non-existent. They come in handy, particularly when you’re nestled in a remote cabin, where power requirements are modest, and the hush of nature is only intermittently punctuated by the gentle hum of a generator.

These generators are typically equipped with an inverter, outputting power in the ballpark of 900-1300 watts. Despite their ability to produce considerable power, small generators maintain a compact size and manageable weight – around 30 kilograms, to be precise.

This balance between power output and portability makes them an ideal companion for camping trips or cabin retreats. Tucked neatly in the trunk of a truck, they’re ready to light up your evening in the wilderness.

Mini Refrigerator

Mini refrigerators, with their compact design and impressive utility, are a cornerstone of modern convenience.

Ideally suited for small apartments, dorm rooms, or even office cubicles, these pint-sized appliances are vital in keeping your drinks chilly and your snacks fresh.

While their size might be a fraction of their full-sized counterparts, they pack a weighty punch. A typical mini refrigerator can weigh in the ballpark of 30 kilograms.

This is mostly due to the necessary components packed into its small frame: a compressor, insulation materials, refrigerant, and metal framework, among other things.

Drum Sets

Drum Set

Can you play the drums, or at least are you familiar with them? Regardless of your musical prowess, drums are among the most recognizable instruments in the world. Their rhythmic beats form the backbone of many musical genres, driving the tempo and adding a dynamic layer to the melody.

A drum set is a collection of various percussive instruments, typically including a bass drum, snare drum, tom-toms, hi-hat cymbals, and a ride cymbal. Each piece adds its unique voice, contributing to a rich tapestry of rhythm and sound.

Despite their individual sizes varying significantly, a typical drum set’s cumulative weight can reach around 30 kilograms. This weight takes into account the drums themselves, as well as their associated hardware, like stands and pedals.

While not as easily portable as some musical instruments, their unique sound and iconic status make them an invaluable and weighty component of any band.

Large Rug

Do you own a large rug? If so, you’re well aware of its multifaceted benefits. Large rugs, with their enchanting designs and plush textures, transform our living spaces, offering warmth, style, and protection for our floors.

But these beauties are more than mere decorations. They’re also crafted from various robust materials like wool, silk, and synthetic fibers, all woven together in intricate patterns to create delightful home decor.

However, beneath their charming facade lies a weighty reality. Due to these rug’s quality materials and thickness, they can be surprisingly heavy.

A large, fine-quality rug, for instance, one that measures 9’X12′, can weigh between 65 to 70 pounds – that’s around 30 kilograms! And some mats can be even heftier, depending on their thickness and craftsmanship.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner

Have you ever heard of a portable air conditioner? Despite being less well-known than fans or split air conditioners commonly installed on our home walls, I have one, and it’s a versatile addition to my home comfort solutions.

A portable air conditioner, as the name implies, offers mobility. It’s a one-piece unit that can be moved from room to room as needed, providing targeted cooling where you want it.

The mechanics of a portable air conditioner are similar to a standard air conditioner. However, these components are combined instead of being split into indoor and outdoor units. It requires an exhaust hose to vent hot air outdoors to function efficiently.

Due to this combination of indoor and outdoor units, portable air conditioners tend to be quite heavy. An average unit capable of cooling a 40m2 room can weigh up to 30 kilograms.


Have you ever tried moving a large mattress, like a King or Queen size? It’s quite a task! These mattresses, designed to offer superior comfort and ample space, have a substantial weight. In fact, a typical King or Queen mattress can weigh around 30 kilograms.

This weight is a result of its construction. Each mattress comprises several layers of padding, springs or foam, and all encased in durable fabric. Combine these elements with the large dimensions of these mattresses, and it’s easy to see why they’re so heavy.

So, King or Queen mattresses are more than just a comfortable bed; they’re a significant, weighty piece of furniture that we count on every night for a restful sleep. Despite their heft, we appreciate their comfort, don’t we?

Baby Crib

A baby crib, the heart of a newborn’s nursery, is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a sanctuary for your little one. It’s where they will sleep, dream, and grow during their first years. Crafted to ensure safety and comfort, baby cribs are designed with utmost precision and care.

Interestingly, their weight is part of this design. A sturdy, high-quality baby crib can weigh around 30 kilograms. This weight contributes to the crib’s stability, reducing the risk of tipping or rocking excessively.

The weight stems from the materials used in its construction, typically a blend of solid wood and high-quality metals for the frame and slats. Each element is carefully chosen to provide your baby with a safe, snug, and comfortable environment.

Newborn Calf

Have you ever had the chance to visit a farm and meet a newborn calf? It’s a delightful experience. Just hours or days old, these little creatures are already on their feet, taking their first wobbly steps into life.

Despite their relatively small size compared to fully-grown cows, newborn calves are pretty hefty. A typical newborn calf can weigh around 30 kilograms. This weight is impressive, considering they’ve just entered the world!

This weight is crucial for the calf. It gives them the strength and stability to stand and walk soon after birth. It also indicates their overall health, as good birth weight is essential for survival and growth.

Full-Grown Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Play in The Sunset
Photo by Helena Lopes

Do you have a dog at home? Although I personally lean more towards cats, I have a soft spot for dogs, mainly breeds with thick furs like Huskies and Golden Retrievers.

Beyond their beautiful coats, Golden Retrievers are relatively large, with fully grown adults reaching weights of up to 30 kilograms, if not more.

Despite their substantial size, Golden Retrievers are renowned for their intelligence and friendliness. They’re typically well-behaved and pose no threat to family members, making them a great addition to any home.

Full 5-gallon Paint Bucket

Were you ever attempted to pick up a full 5-gallon paint bucket? If so, you know it’s no lightweight task.

A full 5-gallon paint bucket typically tips the scales at around 30 kilograms. The combined weight of the paint and the bucket contributes to this hefty figure. A large portion of the weight is due to the paint, with a gallon weighing in at roughly 5 to 6 kilograms – multiply that by five, and you’ve got a substantial load on your hands!

When planning your next paint job, whether sprucing up a room or revitalizing your home’s exterior, remember to account for the weight of these buckets.

For more insights into the weight of paint, I recommend reading my post about the weight of a 5-gallon paint bucket. That piece delves deeper into why paint weighs what it does and how the weight can differ between various types of paint.

Wheelbarrow Filled With Compost

Imagine spending a sunny afternoon in your garden, tending to your plants with a wheelbarrow at your side, brimming with rich, fertile compost. As you shovel the compost onto your garden beds, you feel the weight of the wheelbarrow. It’s heavy, isn’t it?

A wheelbarrow loaded with compost can weigh around 30 kilograms. The weight can vary depending on the moisture content and the type of compost, but 30 kilograms is a good ballpark figure.

This weight comes from the organic material in the compost: the decomposed plant matter, the kitchen scraps, and the coffee grounds. All these elements combine to create a dense, nutritious material that plants love but is quite heavy to transport.

So, a wheelbarrow filled with compost, while being a gardener’s treasure for plant growth, is also a perfect example of an everyday item that weighs approximately 30 kilograms.