How Much do Shoes Weigh?

You can expect the average shoe weight to be between 1 and 3 pounds (16 to 48 ounces). Of course, the shoe’s weight depends on the material, size, and type of shoe itself.

Have you ever considered how much do shoes weigh? Sometimes, such things don’t cross our minds. Besides, we must have thought, why should we care about the shoe’s weight? As long as they are lightweight enough, we can feel comfortable when wearing them.

Besides, we don’t measure the weight when choosing a pair of shoes in malls or shoe stores. Anyway, the weight of shoes is important for online sellers or buyers who want to measure the weight of shoes and determine the overall shipping cost. Senders will need to consider the overall weight of the shoes and the box.

Women’s Shoes 

The range of women’s shoe weight is around 200 grams or a little bit more. But, the range applies to the lightest running shoes from reputable brands.

Some examples include Women Ghost from Brooks with mesh rubber material that weighs 8.8 oz, similar to 249.476 grams. Yet, another brand of women’s running shoes, Ultraboost 20 from Adidas, weighs 9.4 oz, similar to 266.486 grams. Yes, running shoes for women can indeed range up to 270 grams.

They are lightweight because decades ago, they were named sneakers, which refers to the simple way of sneaking on the rubber soles.

What about stilettos and other kinds of high heel shoes? They range from 450 to 850 grams or more! Isn’t it amazing that they are much heavier, but women love to wear them without any hesitation? A perfect example is the pump heel sandals from Dream Pairs that weigh 1.91 pounds or more than 860 grams.

Another amazing fact that is almost beyond ‘true sense’ is the bigger pressure the heel exerts when wearing stiletto than the pressure of bare elephant foot. It hurts more when you are trodden by 50kgs of a woman wearing stiletto than the 3 tonnes of elephant’s barefoot. The reason is that the woman’s weight only stays in one small area. Instead, the weight of the elephant foot is spreading out on the foot’s surface.

Based on Guinness world records, The heaviest shoes walked in weighed 146.5kg. It’s over 300 pounds!

Men’s Shoes

The most common weights of men’s running shoes range from 270 to more than 350 grams.  New Balance men’s shoes range from 10 to 13 oz, or they are similar to 283 to 368 grams. However, the most lightweight men’s running shoes are Endorphin Pro from Saucony that weighs only 213g.

Pictures of My Shoes and My Cat
My Shoes and My Cat

Who Own Shoes More 

Women have more shoes than men. Famous shoe manufacturers have conducted surveys among their loyal clients.

The estimated result showed that common women have at least 15 pairs of shoes, while commoners consider that 10 pairs are already too many. However, it is fascinating to find out some data from in 2017 that 62% of Skechers buyers are women, while 73% of Adidas buyers are men.