Weight Of Case Of Beer (With Example)

Beers are the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. We can trace back beers’ history back to the ancient Mesopotamia era, which was more than 5,000 years ago. Until now, we can enjoy beers in many forms.

Lagers and ales are the types of beers you can enjoy. Pilsners, American lagers, bocks, and dunkels are the most popular lagers. As for ales, the most popular ones are stouts, porters, and barley wines. There are also huge ranges of craft beers that you can drink with your friends.

People all over the world use various cases to store and transport beers. At some points, they even directly drink the beers from these vessels. Barrels, bottles, jugs, cans, and more, are the most common forms of beer cases.

Many factors determine the weight of a case of beer. We’ll start with the types of cases.

Weight Of Case Of Beer Based On The Types Of Cases

On average, full cases of beer weigh around 34-42 pounds (15.42-19.05 kg). Some smaller, yet still full, cases of beer have an approximate weight of 20 pounds (9.07 kg). Those are normally the beer cases that contain 24 packs of 12 oz cans.

Canned beers are lighter than bottled beers. In general, one 12 oz can of beer weighs about 0.78 pounds (0.35 kg). Bottled beers with the same oz levels tend to be twice heavier than canned ones. So, bottled beers’ average weight can be up to 1.56 pounds (0.71 kg).

Beers’ weights are usually around twice the weights of mineral water. A gallon of mineral water is approximately 8.34 pounds (3.82 kg) heavy. Other than the cases’ types, the weights of beers depending on how the companies are packing the beers.

Weight Of Case Of Beer Based On How The Companies Treat The Drinks

It’s difficult to compute how heavy should the cases of beer be. After all, some countries restrict purchases of alcoholic drinks. Beers are no exception here.

Fortunately, their weights are the same as soda and other soft drinks. Bottles and cans remain the most popular cases for all types of beers, soda, and other soft drinks.

Canned cane sugars, for example, have around 20-ish pounds (9.07 kg) of their weight. Hansen’s Cane Sugar Soda and Blue Sky Cane Sugar Co. are some of them. The former is 21.1 pounds (9.57 kg), and the latter weighs 0.1 pounds more than the former.

Case of Beer Pictures

Other Factors That Determine The Beer Cases’ Weight

Even though computing beers’ weights can be tricky in some countries, we can still estimate them. As long as we pay attention to these factors, the results will go well.

The dimensions of the cases are the main factors to determine the weights. Generally, a case of 24-pack canned beers’ dimension is 16*16*24 inches (40.64*40.64*61 cm). Consequently, the average dimension of a case of 12-pack canned beer is 8*8*12 inches (20.32*20.32*30.5 cm).

Beers’ density is yet another factor you should consider. 1.06 g/cm3 is the density of the most common beers.

So now, we’ve informed you all about the weight of a case of beer. Use this article as your reference for how heavy a case of beer should be.