11 Of Common Item that Weight About 35 Pound

What kind of items weighs 35 pounds? Well, let’s see our list about it in the following details below!

Ceiling Fan

What do you think if you are facing hot weather? You must think of installing the ceiling fan. This choice is way cheaper than installing the Air Conditioner.

35 Pound Electric Ceiling Fan

Having a ceiling fan might make you feel comfy and cool, even if it is hot. The ceiling fan generally weighs 35 pounds and is supported by the outlet box and mounting screws to avoid fixtures.

Wine Rack

Running a bar must need a lot of stuff, including a wine rack. Decorative wine racks function as elegant bar décor and an item to store many kinds of wine. Not only is it easy to get them ready, but having wine racks also is useful to keep your wine bottles safe.

Anyway, wine racks exist in different sizes, styles, materials, and color options. Yet, mostly, their weights are around 35 pounds.

Small Bookshelves

Bookshelves are very useful for all people, especially students, to store their books. By having bookshelves, you could also find any book by its title easily since you have organized it by title, color, year, or cover.

35 Pound Small bookshelves

Anyway, talking about the bookshelves is mostly made of wood, veneer, or stain. There are two kinds of bookshelves: freestanding and wall-mounted ones.

There is somehow a glass door for security and protection options, too. Bookshelves are commonly 35 pounds!

Dining Chair

Talking about eating, it is possible to eat without sitting on a chair. Yet, sitting on a dining chair must be more comfortable and exciting.

Moreover, a dining room is also useful for a small room to maximize the room space and make it looks larger. A dining room might be made of wood, stain, or leather. The fun fact about this furniture is that it is around 35 pounds.


A bassinet is a container shaped like a rectangular box with handles. It is used to carry a baby (from birth to around 4 months). Because it is for a baby, a bassinet is built with extra check or safety standards.

Basinet Weighed 35 Lbs

A bassinet weighs around 15 to 35 pounds. Of course, the 35-pounds bassinet is better than the 15-pounds one. Anyway, if you are about to buy a bassinet, for your information, let you check the mattress’s firmness and its safety first.


Another 35-pounds item is a nightstand, known as a bedside table or a night table. A nightstand functions pretty similar to a cabinet, which is supported with drawers or shelves.

35 Pound Nightstand

A nightstand sometimes also has enclosed storage that is useful to store something. It is also possible to put other items such as medications, lamps, alarm clocks, phones, or even books. Anyway, most of the nightstands are made of wood.

Step Ladder

The ladder must be an everyday item that a worker, especially a constructor, wishes to take.

By stepping the ladder, you could reach a higher place. You might replace the old lamp with the new one, check the ceiling, and many more.

35 Pound Step Ladder

There are many kinds of the step ladder, including twin step, platform, tripod, telescoping multi-ladder, scaffolding, etc.

The step ladder is also made of varied aluminum, electrical wires, fiberglass, etc. Generally, a step ladder weighs around 35 pounds. Anyway, if you wish to purchase a step ladder, make sure to pick up the one that includes the best safety and suitable height and performance.

Lawn Edger

If you wish, you can mow the lawn easily without using big scissors for cutting the grass, and you shall buy an electric lawn edger.

35 Pound Lawn Edger

A lawn edger is used to cut grass that hangs over the edge of a hard surface automatically. To operate this tool or machine, you need a battery (commonly 18 volts). Thus, some use gas though it is not recommended since it is harmful to the environment and a bit loud. Same as the other stuff, the lawn edger is generally 35 pounds.

A Cinder Block

Are you about to build a house or other buildings? Then, you will need cinder blocks.

Cinder blocks are small light blocks made of concrete and burnt coal (coal cinder) used in building certain rooms at home. They include the pantry, garage, backyard, or bedroom.

You can also use cinder blocks for vegetable gardens and food plants. This block is way cheaper than concrete blocks. Commonly, cinder blocks weigh around 35 pounds.

Metal Shopping Cart

If you go to the supermarket to buy your daily needs, such as foods and beverages or even clothing, you might find a metal shopping cart.

Metal Shoping Chart Weigh 35 Pound

This cart is handy to move around while shopping, collecting many items you want to buy at one time, carrying a child, or even heading to the cashier. A full-size metal shopping carts weigh about 32-60 pounds.

A four-year-old Kid

Whether it is a boy or a girl, a healthy four-year-old kid is still playing, running, kicking, hopping, swinging, and climbing must weigh 35 pounds. Do you have a four-year-old kid? Then, why don’t you weigh them and check whether or not he is 35 pounds? You must be curious about his weight, right?

Finally, there might be many other 35-pounds stuff that has not been mentioned. What do you think they would be?