Average Shopping Cart Weight (With Example)

When you go grocery shopping, the first thing you take as soon as you arrive at the store would be the shopping cart. Ever since its creation almost a hundred years ago, the shopping cart is an indispensable part of our daily lives.

You sure have seen people loading their carts with so many groceries, or perhaps you were guilty of the same act. Have you ever wondered how much a shopping cart weigh? And when is overloading is became too much.

So, How Much Does a Shopping Cart Weigh?

The average weight of A full-size metal shopping cart is between 14-29 kg (32-65 pounds), while the plastic shopping cart weighs between 16-25 kg (36-55 pounds).

For example, the empty Costco shopping cart weighs about 65 pounds, is quite heavy for its large size.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a shopping cart will vary depending on many things. However, here’s an idea of what you might look to pay for one of these carts.

  • Large (Full-size) metal cost between $100-$300
  • Large (Full-size) plastic cost between $100-$200
  • Double BasketMetal Express Shopping Cart cost $150-$$200
  • Small Shopping Cart with Wheels cost between $35-$70

you can find a cheaper one with reconditioned/refurbished condition, and it cost a lot cheaper, which is about $90 for the full-size metal shopping cart.

Shopping Cart Pictures

Differences in Shopping Carts

You need to know that there are several types of shopping carts. This difference is caused by the material used. Each store has its preferences because they are selling different products.

The most common materials used are wire mesh on a steel frame. But lately, the plastic mesh on a steel frame is also popular because it’s lighter by up to 10 pounds. A full-sized wire cart could weigh around 32-65 pounds, while the plastic counterpart is 36-55 pounds.

If you think that grocery shopping is a workout, you’ve got it right. A cart that is fully loaded can weigh at least 100 pounds. But rest assured, a full-sized wire cart is reported to be able to hold up to 1000 pounds before it gives in. To illustrate, an average male adult weighs around 300 pounds. So in all technicality, you could load up to two adult males in a shopping cart.

The Cart Evolution

Basic shopping cart has existed since the 1930s. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s when Orla Watson patented his idea for a swinging rear door cart. That way, other carts can be inserted into the other as a way to store the carts. Before this invention, the carts have to be folded and unfolded to store and use.

Lately, stores have been more accommodating for people from different walks of life. There are shopping carts with a small compartment shaped like a car for parents who have their toddlers when they’re shopping. There are also motorized shopping carts designed to help the disabled and elderly.

A cart is quite expensive, with each cart costing at least $75 and some even as expensive as $150. It’s no wonder that some stores put a magnetic line near their exit doors to halt the carts not to pass the area. Some stores allow the shoppers to push the carts to the parking lot and provide a specific area to collect the carts. At any rate, nationwide shopping cart theft cost about $80 million every year.

Due to its structure, it is not advised to pile so many groceries and overload the cart. It is also advised not to ride the cart or put your toddler on it. Also, a shopping cart weight may change along the way as the stores make some new improvements. Such as using only recycled plastic and designing their carts to hold a drinking cup or even attach your phone or tablet.