18 Things That Weigh One Ton (Updated)

How heavy is a ton? One ton is equivalent to 2000 pounds, or 907,185 kilograms, which is relatively heavy. Many objects around us weigh up to one tonne, such as small electric cars, ATVs, & Camper trailers. Animals such as walruses or cows also weigh up to 1 ton.

This article will present a list of objects that weigh about 1 tonne.

Smart Fortwo

1 Ton Smart Fortwo Pictures

The first is a minor or mini-looking car with only two seats. You probably thought this mini-car with 86 horsepower didn’t even reach a ton. It weighs a ton.

Utility UTVs

This is also a car, but this one is usually used for carrying something heavy. So yeah, a road-off-looking car called UTV weighed a ton.

It has a ton of weight because UTV is used to carry some stuff, including heavy ones. So, no wonder why the UTV is serious too.

1 Ton UTVs Pictures

2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

We are still on the vehicle topic. Well, cars are a heavy thing, so no wonder why. This is a Japanese brand car released in 2015, the Mitsubishi Mirage. Well, yeah, it weighs a ton.

Bass Cat Jaguar Boat

If the previous one has a wheel, this one doesn’t, but it is similar to spinning on the back. Well, the thing that weighs a ton is a boat. It is a Bass Cat Jaguar Boat, to be exact.

2 Grand Pianos

Grand Piano Pictures

Finally, something that is not even a vehicle. It is just a thing that is placed in your home. That means you can lift it, with some help, of course. It is an instrument of many famous pianists, like Mozart or Salieri, but a Grand one.

A Grand Piano weighs 180 to 545 kilograms (depending on which brand). The weight reaches a ton if you stack one more Grand Piano above the Grand Piano.

Female Cow

1 Ton Female Cow Photos

This one is a living thing; we drink their milk to strengthen our bones. Yes, it is a female cow on the list of things that weigh a ton. Well, it depends on what kind of breed the cow is. A female cow can reach a ton of weight. If the male one, it could weigh 2 tons, as an additional fun fact.

The Liberty Bell

This thing is historical, and only one exists in this world. The Liberty Bell, the symbol of Freedom in America, weighs a ton. This bell is in Philadelphia, 526 Market Street. You probably want to visit this one during your holiday.

Flagstaff Hardside Pop-up Camper

I guess we are back to something related to vehicles. Well, something that can be carried by car, to be exact. So, if you want to go camping, this is the fanciest camp you can carry on the back of your ride, the Flagstaff Hardside Pop-up Camper.

Flagstaff Hardside Pop-up Camper

It is very fancy, like you own a little house in the middle of the woods. The Flagstaff Hardside Pop-up Camper weighs a ton, so you have to carry it on the back of your car because it is heavy. I hope the tires don’t break up. You are going to need some muscles to replace it.


Yay, an animal again. An arctic and snowy-related animal is one of my favorites. Walrus and Polar Bear are my favorites. Well, of course, Walrus is on the list. Why? When this mammal grows to an adult, the weight can reach 1000 kilograms, equal to a ton or 2000 pounds.

5 Megabytes of Data in 1965

It is not the actual data but the actual physical storage used. Unlike a flash drive, HDD, or SDD that is light and easy to carry, the physical storage of 5 MB in 1965 weighs a ton.

Whale Testicles

1 Ton Whale Testicles Pictures

I don’t want to know about this even further. Just leave it to the aquatic animal experts since I am not one of them. I recently learned that whale testicles could weigh a ton too. I guess we all know new stuff every day. It says that the Right Whale has the heaviest testicles than Blue Whales.

1979 Volkswagen Beetle

Back to the vehicle, I guess. A Volkswagen Beetle that was released in 1979 was a ton heavy. I won’t be surprised that much for a car, though. The whale testicles do.

Award-Winning Pumpkin

There are a lot of Award-Winning Pumpkins in the world. Of course, their weight varies and is more than 800 kilograms. The heaviest pumpkin in the Guinness World Record weighs 1190 kilograms. Yeah, a bit more than a ton.

Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile is a giant breed amongst other crocodile breeds globally. If we are talking about the heaviest Saltwater Crocodile, its name is Lolong, with 1075 kilograms.

American Bison

1 Ton American Bison Pictures

Well, average, almost a ton, to be exact. Suppose it’s a male one. However, the heaviest American Bison ever recorded weighs 1270 kilograms. Remember, 1000 kilograms is a ton.

Ocean Sunfish

So, Ocean Sunfish is one of the largest bony fish in the world. Well, that means they are pretty heavy. Ocean Sunfish can weigh over 1000 kilograms for adult Ocean Sunfish average, depending on their growth. However, the most severe recorded was 2300 kilograms, which means it is a 2-ton weight fish.

Leatherback Turtle

Well, also, almost a ton. Meanwhile, a leatherback turtle’s average weight is around 700 kilograms. So the giant leatherback turtle that ever recorded weighs 2019 pounds.

Moose (Alces alces)

1 Ton Alascan Moose Photos

Alces alces, known as the Alaskan Moose, are the final list of things that weigh a ton. Averagely, Moose can weigh around 600 kilograms. However, if it’s an adult male Alaskan Moose, it could easily weigh up to a ton. That is a lot of meat to hunt.