Softball Weigh and Size

Softball is one of the most loved summer sports in the United States and, in many cases, throughout the world. Despite the name, the ball is hard, even harder than a baseball.

How Much Does A Softball Weigh?

Official 12-inch softballs weigh about 7.00 ounces ( 198 grams). There are also 16-inch softballs that weigh between 9 to 10 ounces (255 to 283 grams).

The size of softballs is between 30.2 to 30.8 centimeters (cm), as reported by the International Softball Federation (ISF) provisions.

Softball Pictures

What is a Softball Made of?

Softball is made of 3 components, including Center, Cover and Seams (Stitches). The center of a softball is made of Polyurethane, but sometimes it is also made of Cork.

The cover can be made of any material, including rubber and leather. This material will wrap around the center and be attached with glue.

The last one is the seams of a softball, or what we usually know as stitches.

How much does Softball cost?

Softball prices vary widely from $30 to $100 per dozen, depending on brand and size. For example, a dozen Wilson A9117 12-inch Soft Compression Softballs are priced around $65.95 on Amazon.

How to Play Softball

The core of the softball game lies in the ball, which is used as a determining object of the game either by being thrown, hit, or touched to the opponent’s body by the defender.

Softball is a variation of the sport of baseball. It is more commonly played at the recreational level and played on a smaller field than baseball. This game is commonly played in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

This game aims to hit the ball using a stick before the player runs to four points. Reporting from the Kids Sports Activities website, the number of softball players in each team consists of nine people. Of the nine people, a captain was appointed who was in charge of dealing with the referee.

This game is exciting and challenging. The team that gets a turn to hit, each player gets three chances to hit. If the first and second strokes are successful, then the player who hit must run.

The order of hitting is determined by the serial number of innings that have been completed. The team with the most runners after seven innings or innings will be declared the winner. If the game is finished after seven innings, but there is no winner, then additional will be given until a winner is found.

How to switch places How to turn off by typing or to throw the runner with the ball that was hit before the runner hits the next base. If three times the opponent is hit, then the position must be swapped.

The term softball dates back to 1926, but there is no record of why it was named softball. There is an opinion that says that softball comes from a softball. Others say that the name comes from the method used to throw. Throwing in softball should be gentle. But actually, there’s nothing soft about softball.

Fun fact: In the area of origin of softball, Chicago, there is still a type of the original game called 16 Inch Softball or mushball. This unique softball uses a larger, slicker ball and is played without gloves. Isn’t this very interesting game?