13 Everyday Items That Weigh 7 Pounds

Look at your house or office; you will tend to come across things weighing 7 lbs. The weight of an item can captivate you. Most importantly when it comes to objects, animals, and many things. Knowledge is power; thus, the need to be equipped with the items.

Most importantly, let’s learn about the everyday things that weigh 7 pounds.

Persian Cat

7 lbs Persian Cat Pictures

When looking for a cat, consider the size and weight, which go hand in hand with its breed. Some Persian cats may look big. Amicably, focus on the medium-sized cat, which weighs 7 pounds.

A healthy Persian cat will have an ideal weight which is 3.2kg. You will not inconvenience yourself with the space for a standard cat that is medium size. You find that the puppy will spend most of the time indoors.

24-inch LED Monitor

Always check the weight of your computer monitor before buying. You find that the average weight is 7 pounds for a medium monitor. However, the weight difference of the LED monitor of the same size is negligible.

A 24-inch Led monitor makes your work much easier if you move and try to settle down in your office. Besides, it measures crosswise from corner to corner.

Typically, this range provides enough screen real estate for better productivity. A monitor weighing 7 pounds suits well for professional tournaments with its standard size.

7-lbs Dumbbell

When it comes to physical fitness, have 7 lbs dumbbell. Equally, it has a smooth coat that does not stick. The gadget tends to be a hand weight that aids in working on the lower and upper body for the toned muscle.

Various Size of Dumbbell

Big-Sized Melon

Let’s focus on the foodstuff. Most importantly, a whole, green watermelon you purchase in your local supermarket. Melons will come in different sizes. Besides, the big taste melons weigh 7 pounds.

A big melon is unique anyway! Equally, its spherical, oval shape and light green skin give a delicious flavor you can’t miss.

Torin Big Red Car Jack

It would help if you had that simple scissor jack to raise your SUV in a twinkle of an eye. The one that weighs 7 pounds enables you to place it underneath your seats comfortably.

Most importantly, it will make your work much easier in case of a tire change. Besides, it is one of the best portable car jacks to create stability.

Cordless Drills

A cordless drill that weighs 7 pounds can switch batteries for a compactible charge. Occasionally, it would be best to consider the battery’s weight to the routine. The importance lies in the manufacturer, battery size, materials, and many more.

Amicably, for a 7 pounds cordless drill, the tool’s longevity still matters. Focus most on the power voltage to avoid future frustrations.

16-inch Standing Fan

A fan is vital for a fantastic house to get rid of that heat that can hit. A fan tends to have outstanding features like movable height, high velocity, remote control for a more relaxed environment.

A fan that weighs about 7 pounds has a strong airflow and is easy to move across the house. As it stands at 16-inch, it will be much easier to operate with its standard weight.

3 Bags of Sugar

You find that sugar packages come in different sizes. However, the heaviness of 3 bags of sugar is not inclusive of the weight of the packaging. In most cases, it is the net weight.

3 Liter of Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is essential when it comes to food preparation. You can extract the 3 liters of vegetable oil from grains, legumes, and seeds. Furthermore, if you measure the oil in weight, it will amount to approximately 7 pounds.

As we purchase some vegetable oil, always consider the weight for better estimates before consuming it. Have an ideal weight for the 3-liter vegetable oil and convert it into pounds, ounces, or kgs.

Telecaster Guitar

Telecaster Guitar Pictures

Any telecaster guitar that weighs below 7 pounds considers it light. On the other hand, a guitar above 7.5 pounds is definitely on the heavier side. Moreover, you find that most telecaster guitars are below 7 pounds. With it, no large neck mass and enables you to play comfortably.

Amicably, a light guitar will not cause injury to the lower shoulder, neck, or back. If you intend to play gigs for like 45 minutes at a time, the guitar will suit you best.

Small Sledge Hammer

A small sledgehammer tends to have a standard weight of 7 pounds with either a wooden handle or a fiberglass handle. You can characterize it for its mini handle length. Moreover, it resembles a hammer, and you can use it to knock down projects such as cracking tub surrounds or floor tiles.

Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian falls under a dog breed, active and family-friendly dog. In most cases, the dog is 7 to 12 inches tall. The dog weighs 3 to 7 pounds and will live between 12 to 16 years.

Typically, the weight of a Pomeranian dog depends on how big it grows. You can determine the exact weight once it matures. Weight varies across males and females with different bloodlines.

Electric Hand planer

Makita Electric Hand Planer Pictures

An electric hand planer tends to be one of the 7 pounds. You find it’s used mainly by craftsmen and handypersons. The standard size of the electric hand planer makes work much easier for an adequate job.

The size width is about 3 1/4 – inch cut, and weights approximately 7 pounds. Equally, some may have a dual-chip exhaust, and a lock switch for safety measures. In addition to this, it has wrench storage for blade changes.

Final Words

You find that the weight of something at times can be pretty interesting. With 7 pounds of stuff, one can categorize the items as having the standard weight. However, learning and discovering that some things are heavier with this kind of weight is fascinating.